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the quality of not being available when needed

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Such inaccessibility is partially due to their inability to offer collaterals acceptable to the financial markets - hence the establishment of the registry is one of the most emphasized recent reforms.
The firm's new trips promote some destinations or regions that it has never featured before, either due to inaccessibility by coach or being too far to travel by road on a seven-day itinerary.
In a press release, DDR said the aim of the portal was to help women who wanted to take legal action against their harassers but were discouraged to do so due to inaccessibility of resources.
The association's chief apprised about the problems being faced by the special persons in society including non-implementation of job quota in government departments and inaccessibility of buildings.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Jan 8 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Tuesday sought a reply from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the union government on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed regarding the inaccessibility of digital financial transactions to visually impaired persons.
Those who reside in disaster prone areas, communities isolated due to distance, inaccessibility to transportation, areas identified to have high incidences of poverty and those belonging to vulnerable sector are prioritized in the measure.
The situation was worsened by inaccessibility to the house as the fire fighters were forced to leave their truck on the road as they pulled water hoses to the fire scene.
Raja Shoaib Akbar, senior program manager at the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) said the kinds of inaccessibility included not having a firm and obstacle-free passage leading to the building, not having level access to entrances or ramps to facilitate wheelchair entry.
Earlier, General Manager LASODA, Dr Awelenje Babatunde, maintained that the Lagos State Government had to change the standard of living of people with disabilities across the State, putting an end to inaccessibility and unemployment.
The report cites the centralization of the Liberian economy only in Monrovia, owning to the inaccessibility of road infrastructures in most parts of rural Liberia.
Or is he destined to be tangled with such worries as petrol crisis, clean water scarcity, load-shedding (of both electricity and gas); let alone the inaccessibility to food, health, hygiene and education facilities to the necessitous ones?
Angelina Tan of Quezon said the House Bill 7437, or the 'Anti-Privatization of Public Hospitals, Health Facilities and Health Services Act,' seeks to address the inaccessibility and inequality in health care brought about by the privatization of public health services.
Figures made available by I-SAPS indicate that the dropout rate among boys after class 5 is 18 per cent whereas the dropout rate among girls stands at 24 per cent mainly because of inaccessibility to middle schools.
Now floor fitter Craig Williams is hoping he can reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility - the most northern point of the planet furthest from land.