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the quality of not being available when needed

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According to Dr Johar, The main reason behind the rise in number of polio cases between 2005 to 2014 was inaccessibility to tribal areas where hundreds of thousands of children were missed from immunization, resulting in the contamination of disease.
The main reason was inaccessibility of health teams in tribal belt where hundreds of thousands of children missed immunization resulting in contamination of disease, explains Dr, Johar.
Coordinator EOC FATA Shakeel Qadir informed the participants that inaccessibility dropped to 2% in 2015 from 31% in 2014, and number of polio cases to 11 in 2015 from 179 in 2014.
Defined as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean and therefore its centre, the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility remains the last truly significant place in the Polar Regions, yet to be reached by mankind.
is rallying Americans to unite under one cause and hashtag C #BBQ4merica C to shine a light on the widespread inaccessibility to quality barbecue across the United States, in celebration of Wendy's new BBQ Pulled Pork menu.
9 million m3/d of natural gas; yet only around 5 million m3/d is being supplied because of the inaccessibility of gas from the Krishna-Godavari Basin, which is spread throughout some 50 000 km2 in the Krishna River and Godavari River basins in Andhra Pradesh.
Judith McNeice, watch manager, Belfast Coast Guard, said it was a difficult operation because of the inaccessibility of the site.
Automobile roads stay the priority direction, considering mountain relief and inaccessibility of population centers," Maksatbek Dyikanov noticed.
This organizational inaccessibility may also play a role in CAM use and is virtually absent in CAM research.
Of those who were not members, more than half (54%) said that they are too expensive; 26% said it was because of inaccessibility.
She is determined to also become the first woman to reach the Point of Inaccessibility, the place on the Antarctic continent furthest from the Southern Ocean and most difficult to reach.
To ascertain the reasons for inaccessibility of websites
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and related Disney companies have reached a tentative agreement with a group of persons with visual impairments who brought a class-action lawsuit against the company and related companies for inaccessibility related to accessing the Disneyland theme parks and online planning tools.
Crosby, Esquire as a response to the economic downturn, recognizing the general public's increasing inaccessibility to legal representation and the need for public legal education.
The experiences of 30 people or their carers into domiciliary workers found missed medication, confinement to bed and inaccessibility to food and drink.