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blatantly aggressive

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Mutz offers a scholarly work that explores the nature of current political discourse and draws conclusions about the meaning and value of "in-your-face" politics.
Australian players, particularly the shy and retiring David Warner, were damned for some of their in-your-face celebrations.
"In this bustling, impersonal, in-your-face, bus-lane ridden world, finding a soul mate is not easy if you are not the kind of person who sits easily on a stool in a singles bar, recycling chat-up lines" - Sir Terry Wogan, pictured "I didn't make a contestant cry on Masterchef.
This is part of an ongoing PETA Europe campaign-last year the group debuted another in-your-face example of some serious sexual appetites, but of the human variety rather than animal.
New PS600k route for Birmingham cyclists @EddHogan1 l #Room101: I'd send those in-your-face charity #chuggers in there.
I've never thought he held back, but please tell him to keep up this level of in-your-face. It pains me to talk to gun people who think "common sense gun laws" are a good idea.
Speaking about Food Glorious Food, Vorderman explained the judging was never intended to be as in-your-face as that seen on the X Factor.
AW Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef, PS7.99 While the colour may appear a little in-your-face in the pot, it looks very natural when applied to your cheeks with your fingertips.
Comedy was once family and gentle, now its in-your-face and crude, as is much on today's TV.
"That Picture Stinks!: An In-Your-Face, No-Nonsense Guide to End Lousy Picture Taking Forever" is a photography guide from Judy Holmes & Greg Baer as they present many tips and tricks for making sure one can get a more effective slot with any camera, by observing the situation and making tweaks accordingly.
After United's 2-1 Old Trafford win, Wenger made a thinly-disguised attack on the Scotland international for his "in-your-face" approach.
On their second official album (they refused to give that label to their previous release We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed) singer Gareth offers biting, in-your-face lyrics delivered in fierce vocals that sound like he means them.
But WAG never entirely disappears, and now its back with a punk rock fundraiser featuring outre, in-your-face bands such as the BALLS, Jetset, the Time Beings and Tony Jones & the Cretin 3, pictured.
AMERICAN star Pink brought her own brand of in-your-face rock to Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena last night.
It's funny, bold, in-your-face, outspoken and unique.