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blatantly aggressive

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The Effects of In-Your-Face Political Television," looks at the consequences of in-your-face politics for arousal and memory, effects on public perceptions of the opposition, and the costs in political trust.
It appears that neither Maysles nor Allan King are fond of Moore's style of in-your-face documentaries.
Kicking off with an in-your-face version of Pass It On - built around Paul Clarke's menacing guitar riff and Chris Coll's intensive drumming - this rock outfit never lost momentum.
I suppose Americans United is correct in the legal sense, but I cannot help but think a lot of the wearing of the headscarf by Muslim girls is rather like showing off or an in-your-face practice.
As the end of March draws near, the road-builders' presence becomes an in-your-face reality of traffic tieups and detours that throws schedules into chaos and raises the blood pressure of those who must use either expressways or surface roads.
The '02 model--which was a new version--didn't provide the same sort of seismic shift as its predecessor, probably because of familiarity of the in-your-face styling.
The four-page newsletter also features no jumps--every article is in-your-face, in-and-out, and peppered with bullets and advice.
Say what you like about the 70s (everyone else does) - they may have been tasteless, loud, garish and in-your-face, but they were never dull, especially musically.
Her voice is brash, gutsy and slightly in-your-face.
Young and old alike are fascinated by the unabashed, in-your-face rock 'n' roll lifestyle that the Osbournes willingly flaunt on screen.
From the pulsating beat to the in-your-face lyrics, hip-hop is undeniably a part of America's sound track.
A hi-tech, stomping, in-your-face comeback for George with a hi-tech and even more in-your-face video to boot.
In-your-face celebrating after a touchdown, which in the "no fun" NFL draws a penalty for taunting, will be expected in the XFL.
In a city renowned for its' boldness, diversity, and eclecticism, Hudson is an inspired piece of organized chaos -- a reflection of New York itself -- shimmering with a vivacity and, in-your-face style that is hard to ignore, and even harder to forget.
Now, Walton says, Radwan's team "offers in-your-face evidence that this [phytoremediation] can clean up a contaminant of widespread concern--oil--under extreme conditions.