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being in the original position


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Among the topics are spatially resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy, the pair distribution function analysis of high-energy X-ray scattering data, infrared spectroscopy on powder catalysts, applying ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for the in-situ investigation of heterogeneous catalytic reaction, combining infrared spectroscopy with X-ray techniques for interrogating heterogeneous catalysts, and catalyst imaging using synchrotron-based multi-technique approaches.
After a MPM meter has been successfully installed in the field, the purpose of the in-situ verification system is to provide the user with documentation of the integrity of the measurements from the meter and to further improve the robustness and accuracy of the measurements.
Both strip mining and in-situ mining take up a lot of arable lands.
Recent work within Chelsea's R&D department has now yielded equivalent sensitivity performance from the UviLux in-situ fluorometer.
In-situ fabrication of the metal matrix composites is a process, in which dispersed (reinforcing) phase is formed in the matrix as a result of precipitation from the melt during its cooling and solidification.
The traditional cast in-situ hendwall design took 21 days to install.
2000, Wang and Winistorfer 2000a, 2000b) used a radiation based in-situ density monitoring system mounted to a laboratory hot-press to measure density changes during the hot-pressing of OSB mats.
Self-report, role-play, and in-situ assessments were used to determine the effects of each treatment.
Chemistry / Property Relationships In AA 206 Alloys (06-029) Investigation Of Iron And Copper Intermetallics In 356 Aluminum Alloy And In Al-7% Si Binar Alloy By An In-situ Thermal Analysis Probe (06-087)
Mobile injection equipment has been introduced for in-situ repair and strengthening of steel maritime and civil-engineering structures like bridge and ship decks.
The basic generalization appears to be that there are (at least) subject object asymmetries in extraction possibilities in multiple wh-questions: while a wh-subject can take the clause-initial position no matter what other in-situ wh-item there may be, the reverse is not the case.
This paper describes an in-situ trial experiment on ground improvement of soft marine clay in Singapore by using a newly developed vacuum drainage method, or "Super Well Point method".
The newly issued patent describes the use of pectin in-situ gelling formulations for the delivery and sustained release of physiologically active agents such as drugs and vaccines.
APPLICATION: For pulp bleaching, the use of in-situ peracetic acid generated from TAED and peroxide provides a useful option for debottlenecking mills that have limited chlorine dioxide capacity.
Despite being separated by almost 2000 years, both buildings present significant shifts in the formal and spatial expression of their time, and both have achieved this through the progressive and innovative use of in-situ cast concrete.
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