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conflict between members of the same organization (usually concealed from outsiders)

boxing at close quarters

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The authority has been under the control of Welsh Government appointed commissioners since March after a damning audit report into long running problems of in-fighting.
Now Grant wants to consign all the in-fighting to history and take West Ham to top-flight respectability, starting with today's home encounter against Birmingham.
Dal's departure was seen as a result of party in-fighting and apparent estrangement of Dogan from powerful political forces in Turkey.
There are also fears the summit could spark in-fighting between moderate and hardline unions because of savage job cuts.
I don't think in-fighting is a problem these days and Holland are great going forward.
This in-fighting and manoeuvring at the top of a dying government is deeply damaging to the UK.
30 (ANI): The in-fighting and persisting turbulence in BJP's Karnataka unit deepened on Friday as a group of party MLAs arrived in the national capital to impress upon the BJP's central leadership to remove B.
But former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has issued a warning to the party that continued in-fighting risked handing seats to the far right BNP in next month's polls.
The Spice Girls have apologised to disappointed fans for cutting short their reunion tour and denied it was hit by bitter in-fighting.
Elected as leader uncontested, Mr Howard was touted as the man who could reunite the Tories after years of in-fighting.
EX-EASTENDERS beauty Michelle Ryan yesterday slammed her former co-stars' massive egos and their in-fighting that made her quit.
Political in-fighting eventually scuttled the Portside mega-attraction and left many wondering what was the future of the former Saskatchewan Pool 6 grain elevator property.
The liberal arts, Baptist college of 1,000 students, has been torn by in-fighting for more than a year.
I can just see all the in-fighting to see who gets to sit in the best spots around the conference table.
We can't afford to continue employing people who scoff at the Holy Father, we can't continue to endure in-fighting and dissent within our parish liturgies and programs.