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a wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your incoming material


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Second, one chapter contains the principles of handling 16 different in-basket exercise examples that require candidate responses with numerous identified skills.
Once again, the in-basket pervades my own thinking.
Their in-basket is actually a holding tray for anything of any value that needs to be done between now, and death.
Chris is a past president of the Colorado Public Health Association as well as of NEHA, and he writes the popular Out of the In-Basket column for the Journal.
There is a lot more to creating an effective, highly functioning, revenue-producing Web presence than just depositing the Web design project in the marketing department's in-basket and assuming it will communicate with the IT department and then-poof
Forty plus zero represents the very, very busy person who's got a loaded in-basket while the phone is ringing every 15 seconds.
I found it at the bottom of my in-basket late on a Friday afternoon and decided to scan it quickly.
The offensive e-mail made derogatory and crude references to an obese female co-worker, who found a printed copy of the message in her in-basket at work one day.
All subjects began the in-basket with written instructions of the their role as a manager, relevant information about the company and coworkers, including the secretary to whom the subject is the direct supervisor.
Postal Service, or languishing in someone's in-basket.
This article constitutes a clinical laboratory manager's in-basket exercise.
Assessment centers refer to a process of well defined procedures and assessment techniques such as situational exercises, leaderless group discussions, in-basket exercises, and various job simulations.
But now the original of that article with the director's comments has been returned to your in-basket.
You have an in-basket and an out-basket, and a couple of hours to delegate all these decisions to your subordinates.
The new solution provides workflow and in-basket capabilities that complement the Lawson Smart Office Suite, which was also introduced during CUE.