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within a living organism

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Antagomirs have the potential to be a new RNAi therapeutic approach to regulate miRNAs in vivo, possibly representing a novel strategy for silencing miRNAs involved in the cause or pathway of human disease," said Muthiah Manoharan, Ph.
Effects on enzymes involved in steroid synthesis or metabolism have been limited to a study of the inhibition of testosterone metabolism in the anterior pituitary of rats exposed in vivo or of whole anterior pituitaries exposed in vitro to atrazine (16).
CGEN-54 is a truncated form of MCP1 that was found to antagonize the MCP1-CCR2 pathway both in vitro and in vivo.
Accordingly, whereas potencies of different chemicals can be compared in these systems, it is difficult to relate the absolute levels required for these actions to safety thresholds in vivo.
In a poster titled "Widespread distribution of siRNAs targeting Huntingtin in the CNS after chronic intrastriatal infusion," Alnylam and Medtronic presented pre-clinical data demonstrating that siRNAs specific for the huntingtin gene, which is mutated in Huntington's disease, were administered in vivo to achieve silencing of the disease-causing gene.
The results showed that most metabolic and toxic events previously reported in vivo or in vitro can be reproduced ex vivo.
Rudin's laboratory at University ETH has adopted VisEn's portfolio of in vivo Fluorescence Probes and Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT(TM)) imaging system, as cornerstones of their molecular imaging programs.
This in vivo work confirms several earlier, comprehensive DNA microarray studies that have been carried out based on the complete genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which have established that DNA microarray technology can provide quantitative information on changes in gene expression due to altered cellular environment, disease, and/or exposure to stress.
In vivo molecular imaging is now widely used in advanced life science research to observe and analyze the in vivo dynamics of cells, proteins and molecules.
Hussain and colleagues found that, while in vivo PCB exposure does not produce any obvious baseline changes in synaptic response prior to stimulation, it reduces the increase in fEPSP after stimulation in a dose-dependent fashion.
In an in vivo model of lung cancer metastasis, in which tumor cells from an intravenous injection migrate to, attach and grow in lung tissue, a single dose of GRN163L at the time of animal inoculation with A549-luc tumor cells resulted in significant reduction in tumor burden at days 13, 20 and 27 of tumor progression.
VisualSonics, the world's leading developer of high-resolution, ultrasound-based, in vivo micro-imaging systems, announced today targeted molecular imaging capabilities for its Vevo 770(TM) system making the platform even more powerful and quantitative for cancer researchers.
Called NanoSPARKS(TM), the new product line uses super-bright, targetable, biocompatible nanoparticles for imaging of biological and molecular processes in vivo.
There are a lot of people at work already on in vitro diagnostics -- taking blood and other samples and trying to determine what disease state you are in -- and others who are involved with in vivo molecularly imaging a living person," Gambhir explained.
TORONTO -- VisualSonics, the world's leading developer of high-resolution, ultrasound-based, in vivo micro-imaging systems, today announced the appointment of Jonathan Lindner, MD, as Chief Molecular Advisor.
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