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within a living organism

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The therapeutic applications for in vivo transfection targeting the pancreas include two popular areas for research: pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitus.
The overall goal of this project is to provide proof-of-principle that induced neurogenesis is achievable in the adult brain through guided transcription factor reprogramming of non-neuronal cells, to determine which cells are best suited as cellular substrate for in vivo neural conversion, and to compare this approach with transplantation of converted fibroblasts.
Although the offer is deemed by analysts to be generous, PT would be relegated to becoming an almost purely domestic carrier if its participation in Vivo were sold.
Because knowing the infectious dose transmitted by mosquitoes is important for designing vertebrate infection studies, in which needles are typically used for virus delivery, we compared the amount of VEEV transmitted by mosquitoes in vitro with that transmitted in vivo.
1999), that the reasons for this lack of success are multiple and include a lack of understanding of the underlying physiological mechanisms of eye irritation, the variability of the in vivo Draize test data, and the ability of the Draize test to reliably predict the human response.
2) first proposed that poly(ether)urethanes were susceptible to in vivo oxidation of the polyether chain.
Now, Teicher and her colleagues have discovered striking differences between chemotherapy resistance in vivo and in vitro.
Alnylam scientists and our collaborators continue to make significant progress in achieving delivery for RNAi therapeutics and in demonstrating in vivo efficacy in animal models of human disease.
PEG-Liposome In Vivo Transfection Kit is designed for preclinical research and pharmacology/toxicology testing of new medicines in laboratory mice and rats.
We have used polyethylenimine-mediated in vivo somatic gene transfer to introduce an estrogen response element-thymidine kinase-luciferase (ERE-TK-LUC) construct into the brain.
More importantly, direct in vivo expression of WNV-Cp protein in mouse brain resulted in an induction of apoptosis similar to what is observed in natural infection.
Enables Expanded Sales Areas for VisEn's Industry Leading Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging Platforms
Altogen Biosystems has developed a new generation of highly efficient Nanoparticle-based In Vivo Transfection Kit that it exclusively manufactures.
com), a manufacturer of reagents for biological research, offers a broad range of animal in vivo transfection kits targeted to a specific tissue type.
We show that, using this in vivo model in combination with the MS imaging system, activation of estrogen receptors (ERs) by maternally applied BPA and other estrogens can be detected in riving embryos in utero.
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