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in a southern direction

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At a distance of 45 nautical miles from the Vietnamese coast in the South China Sea, it was contacted on open radio channel by a caller identifying himself as the "Chinese Navy" stating that "you are entering Chinese waters".
The statement further said that "India supports freedom of navigation in international waters, including in the South China Sea, and the right of passage in accordance with accepted principles of international law.
Recent burglaries in the south of the city have also included break-ins where small windows have been left open allowing thieves to gain access.
In the North, blacks sat alongside whites at Woolworth's, but not in the South.
a They were the first attempt to integrate lunch counters in the South.
We just didn't do it" Interracial relationships in the South are weighted with a legacy of lynching, rape, and sheer terrorism; yet from all of this, Watts can only conclude, "as much as Eufala had changed, we still had issues that none of us were certain how to handle"
To Watts, racism in the South never rose above the misguided tomfoolery of a few ignoramuses, a view that pretty much mirrors that of the GOP and highlights why conservatives have a hard time making inroads into the black community.
The existence of Kim's stand-ins has been reported in the last few years in the South Korean media, based on the stories of North Korean defectors.
The arrangement with the South Miami Health System allows us to extend our product line to more individuals in the South Florida market," said Luis Lamela, chief executive officer of CAC-Ramsay Health Plans.
Pioneer expects to invest approximately $225 million (Pioneer's 45% interest) in the South Coast Gas project, with approximately 50% having been spent in 2006 and the remainder expected to be spent in 2007.
In the south of the county - which includes the four towns and surrounding villages - there have been 65 arrests leading to 37 charges, detections of 54 break-ins, nine people remanded in custody and two offenders handed custodial sentences after being fast-tracked by the courts.
He added that a pilot psychiatric scheme was being run in the south of the county to help people in custody.
New downtown residents, the first to buy units in the South Group's buildings, were also among the guests.
Meridian maintains its exploration and exploitation focus searching for new reserves in the south Louisiana and south Texas Gulf Coast regions.
The lease payments are payable from unlimited ad valorem taxes levied against all taxable property in the South Bend Redevelopment District, an area coterminous with the City of South Bend (general obligation bonds rated `AA' by Fitch).