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Synonyms for neighbourhood

Synonyms for neighbourhood

people living near one another


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Agents regularly detained Latino students in the neighborhood to grill them about their immigration status: Hector Ortiz "was embarrassed big time," he recalls, by being ordered into a Border Patrol van in front of his friends and hauled down to headquarters for questioning.
com, says Schwartz, probably gets in the neighborhood of 10,000 browser bar type-ins a day, thus bypassing the search engines as potential customers and landing leads directly at the front door of the Bank of America.
The number of break-ins in the neighborhood is "usually close to zero," Capt.
Fifteen years ago, my house was robbed four times during the day while I worked across the street,'' said Gloria Geldres, a retired child-care employee who has lived in the neighborhood 22 years and who joined more than 200 people in the holiday celebration.
I feel that it was a shame that there was a death of a human being, but he was looking for it - it was his destiny, he wanted to die like that, he had encounters like this before,'' said Jose Freire, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1978.