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Synonyms for doghouse

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

an idiomatic term for being in disfavor

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The whole thorny issue of BFF competitive friendships is tackled creatively in "Bernadette in the Doghouse," and solutions that are crafted may resonate significantly with a young female readership who face similar problems.
The freshman from West Memphis toyed with John Pelphrey's patience all season and finished up the year in the doghouse for the basketball Hogs, who could have used his scoring against Florida in their one game in the SEC Tournament.
Pete said: "We'd rehearse in The Doghouse and when it shut at midnight, we'd go downstairs until 6am.
But insurers PetPlan are in the doghouse for refusing to cough up pounds 600 for sight-saving eye treatment.
And Alan Smith, from Meadow Rise, Gateshead, whose forgetfulness landed him in the doghouse, was named the winner.
To tell the truth, that hopeless dogged fight for survival had started to irritate me, and my position in the doghouse had gotten tiresome as well; my whole neck and spine had stiffened and grown painfully numb.
IN THE DOGHOUSE, a real favourite at Wimbledon while trained by P atsy Byrne and, over hurdles, by Tommy Foster, passed away earlier this week, aged 12.
IF you always seem to be in the doghouse then this could be the ideal holiday accommodation for you.
How many of you were in the doghouse last Monday when you didn't produce anything for Valentine's Day?