in the buff

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According to the naked butlers it is the 'mother hens' who are the most flirtatious, a survey conducted by Stag and Hen Liverpool with Butlers in the Buff revealed that it's because "They think they can get away with it more".
Stag and Hen Liverpool also revealed some 'saucy' stories from Butlers in the Buff, including: "I had to be hidden upstairs and snuck out of the house when a very drunk and angry groom returned early and wanted to know if there was a stripper in the house.
Butlers in the Buff can earn PS20 to PS25 per hour plus tips.
DANIEL Radcliffe looked buff in the buff when he stripped off for the stage play Equus but he seems to have piled on the pounds since then.
In "The Great Ivy League Nude Posture Scandal," he reveals how the nation's most prestigious colleges allowed a scientist with notions about the meaning of body type that veered close to phrenology to photograph freshmen in the buff.