in order

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in a state of proper readiness or preparation or arrangement

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New technology is crucial in order to reach millennials, the middle-market and consumers' appetite for more flexible and convenient interaction.
In order to overcome these problems, we employed the noise statistics estimator in the IEKF, which combines the advantages of the AEKF and the IEKF.
It also has to form a solid barricade between perishable items inside and warmer temperatures outside in order to hold its cold.
In order to receive a refund, cancellations must also be received 5:30p.m.
Such a move would allow the company to cash in on a hot brand in order to concentrate on its bingo parlor business and other leisure industry pursuits.
Now, in order to raid a workplace, agents have to essentially go all the way to Washington to ask permission, so it doesn't happen.
Many countries require different documents for international passengers to present upon arrival, and check-ins at the counter let airlines make sure all your papers are in order; different destinations require different paperwork.
(38) In another 1989 decision, the 11th Circuit held that the statutory catchall phrase "and other local conditions" did not include local conditions created by a local zoning ordinance, in view of the preceding restrictive term "climate," and therefore the Miami Heart Institute could not shorten the useful life of three facilities it replaced as a result of a zoning ordinance in order to recover unreimbursed costs from Medicare.
In order not to have their information given to recruiters, students must submit an "opt-out" form, which in many cases also opts them out from receiving information about colleges.