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in a state of proper readiness or preparation or arrangement

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If all is in order, they are allowed to go on their merry way.
Haven't colleges and universities been collecting the same information on foreign students for years, in order to issue I20s (the forms upon which student visas are issued)?
A third reason centers on the enormous time and effort IT personnel would have to undertake in order to convert Web pages to XML.
160) The government's evidence was, in the end, discredited, but not until after five of the Iraqis entered into a settlement agreement withdrawing their pending asylum claims in order to obtain release from detention.
The INS has proposed imposing a $95 fee per student in order to pay the costs to the government of tracking the foreign students.
cities to form similar partnerships in order to carry-out the goal of safer communities across the country.
Regardless of whether they are too hard too easy, almost none of the questions asked in the citizenship exam touch on what immigrants really need to know in order to become responsible participants in our democracy.
Anaiza Davies, who had been in the United States on a student visa, believed her INS paperwork was in order when she and her husband boarded a plane for Cape Verde in December.
Taxpayers must attach a statement to a return in order to elect to defer research or experimental expenses on a project-by-project basis.