in darkness

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without light


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He said that today when the country was plunged in darkness, there was a need to invest money in energy projects by those who had earned their wealth from Pakistan but these people were making investment in other countries and were not ready to rid the people of their own country of problems.
We know burglars look out for homes which look empty or are in darkness, and try door handles attempting to nd homes which are unlocked or with windows open.
Honey, I have been in darkness I have lived with fear but I was born
Some householders may have forgotten to leave a light on in their homes - their houses would be in darkness - which signals that there is no one home and therefore the house is easier to enter.
This type of break-in involves quick hits, where the perpetrators move in darkness, from driveway to driveway looking for unlocked vehicles.
There's nothing more inviting for a thief than to see a house in darkness.
Evacuating a building in daylight is rarely a problem, but evacuating a building in darkness or smoke-flied conditions can be chaotic.
I know that light shines most brightly in darkness, and that ultimately God's love revealed in Christ will prevail.