in apposition

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in an appositive manner


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We are in apposition to start raising the funding as soon as we are sure the project is ready to start," said former GAA president Peter Quinn, who sits on the committee of the GAA Academy in DCU.
But then she also would have to deny that she knows the meaning of a noun in apposition.
If we consider the novel as a narrative in prose dealing with people and their actions in a certain time and in a certain space, all of which conveys a certain vision on the part of the author; if we utilize close reading of verb tenses, adjectives, phrases in apposition, choice of nouns, point of view, and so forth to focus on even only one of the defining aspects of the genre, we can forge a host of questions enabling students to come to grips with the central issues, themes, and challenging questions that rest at the foundation of the interconnecting elements of virtually any great novelist's work.
The structure of the volume is significant because ideas appear in apposition that might have been dialectically linked in a more discursive format.
But a second possible reading of the subtitle places ``My Father'' in apposition to ``God,'' and suggests that the author had trouble distinguishing between the two.