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Synonyms for imputation

Synonyms for imputation

a charging of someone with a misdeed

the act of attributing

Words related to imputation

a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense)

the attribution to a source or cause

References in classic literature ?
Distrust naturally creates distrust, and by nothing is good-will and kind conduct more speedily changed than by invidious jealousies and uncandid imputations, whether expressed or implied.
The just imputations on our own faith, in respect to the same treaty, ought first to be removed.
Irritated as I was at their foolish mirth and vexatious imputations, the uneasiness did not continue long: when they had had their laugh out, they returned again to the captain and lieutenant; and, while they disputed and commented upon them, my indignation rapidly cooled; the cause of it was quickly forgotten, and I turned my thoughts into a pleasanter channel.
The Labor party's latest bright idea, a $59 billion raid on imputation credits, is a direct attack on retirees, pensioners and low income earners that will mean dividends are no longer protected from double taxation.
said that under the Rules of Court, 'mere imputation of bias and partiality' is not enough for him to inhibit from the case especially if the allegation has no basis.
Blauvelt involved nonresponder imputation through year 1 and imputation based on the reason for discontinuation in the second year.
In this study we aim to compare different imputation methods for treating missing responses on a specific tool, derived from the "Severe Intimate Partner Violence Risk Prediction Scale" (EPV, Echeburua, Fernandez-Montalvo, Corral, & Lopez-Goni, 2009).
This appendix provides supplementary technical information related to the analysis of the article "The Decoupling of Median Wage for Productivity in OECD Countries" in four areas: evolution of deflators; imputation of the compensation of the self-employed; gross versus net labour shares; and share of housing in total value added.
The law in this area has recently been reconfirmed in the 2015 decision of Gluyas v Canby, (4) which held that although 'each case will turn upon its own facts' an imputation that someone is homosexual can have the capacity to be defamatory.
His topics include drawing random samples, analyzing categorical variables, fitting logistical regression models, survival analysis with complex survey data, replication techniques for variance estimation, and imputation models.
Subsequently, these data sets were completed using multiple imputation (MI) method.
In dairy cattle, genotype imputation is regularly utilized in many countries, and several software packages have been developed for this purpose.
THE imputation in the article 'City in top 10 worst cases of shoplifting' in The Journal (January 12) is an affront to the people of Gateshead and demeans the journalism of a newspaper that purports to be a serious reflector of society.
Rather than a static imputation method, these authors use a more reasoned multiple-imputation approach that builds in and accounts for the uncertainty stemming from the missing information.
Although imputation seems natural and intuitive, it has significant implications for statistical inference and, thus, on the reported results of research.