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capable of being assigned or credited to

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Non identifiee Ressources et + Approbation des modalites choix de programmes a organisationnelles evaluer et de la publication des rapports par les SM et DO imputables.
However, cases of a deplorable lack of respect towards the eucharistic species have been reported, cases which are imputable not only to the individuals guilty of such behavior but also to the pastors of the church who have not been vigilant enough regarding the attitude of the faithful towards the Eucharist.
Les elections consultatives et les mandats a duree limitee, par exemple, feraient du Senat un organe plus representatif et imputable.
so persuasively interesting, so I should see people of our character peculiarly victimized if the vulgar arrangement of our fate, as I have called it, imputable to the power that produced us, should prove to be the true one.
Pour un maquignon des Hauts-Plateaux venu vendre ses moutons a Bou-Ismail, la cherte des moutons est en partie imputable aux opportunistes et aux intermediaires.
2001) ("When any member of the prosecution team has information in his possession that is favorable to the defense, that information is imputable to the prosecutor.
Classes are not real the way that trees and houses are real; they are imputable by consciousness, using its powers to posit ideal types in which with other beings it finds itself.
inspires des nouveaux concepts de genre, de representation identitaire et de marginalite; cette baisse en popularite de l'histoire ouvriere est egalement imputable a la crise << existentielle >> que traversait alors l'histoire sociale (21), sur fond de mondialisation neo-liberale et d'eclatement des classes populaires dans les pays industrialises.
Cette evolution est imputable a la baisse de 2,4 pc des importations (252,92 MMDH contre 259,03 MMDH), ainsi qu'au recul de 1,5 pc des exportations, soit plus de 121,19 MMDH contre 123,09 MMDH, ajoute la meme source.
Acts of an insurance agent--unlike acts of an insurance broker--are imputable to the insurer.
14, [paragraph] 155 (June 27) ("[E]ven supposing it well established that military aid is reaching the armed opposition in El Salvador from the territory of Nicaragua, it still remains to be proved that this aid is imputable to the authorities of the latter country.
more traditional in the sense that Ligouri, Billuart, Elbel, and others identify and discuss three very similar criteria for assessing when an indirectly voluntary action is imputable.
39) Its cause is rather "an intelligible deed" that is freely chosen by and thus imputable to the noumenal self of every individual human being, "even the best," and that for this reason can be neither explained nor eradicated.
Nor did the film gross as much as expected, which as the success of The Passion of the Christ showed, is not imputable to its topic, but more likely to the fact that every character but Silent Bob, ironically played by Kevin Smith, simply talks too much.