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capable of being assigned or credited to

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The rule says that the insane is not punishable or capable, that is, not imputable.
28A) of section 2 of the Ordinance in relation to tax on turnover at the rates specified in rule 4 of Part I is higher than the taxable income declared, the trader qualifying under this Part may opt to take the credit for the purpose of section 111, of the difference between the said imputable income and taxable income, provided that tax at the rate of one per cent of the difference is paid along with the return.
The solution given by the Code in the article 1971 is the following: if there is not a fact imputable to the carrier, the latter is entitled to the price of the carriage, incidental fees and expenses, incurred on the route he actually made, as well as to the adequate change in the performance delay of the carriage.
111,6 MMDH, releve Bank Al Maghrib, notant que cette evolution est imputable essentiellement a la hausse de 5,7% des reserves internationales nettes.
La responsabilidad imputable a las autoridades delegacionales en este proceso de desarticulacion de acciones a favor del habitat de los vecinos de la Doctores estriba en la politica de la administracion de problemas, mas que en su solucion, aduciendo carencias presupuestales--a pesar de contar con diputados asociados al gobierno delegacional en la Camara de Diputados y en la ALDF--y una disminucion de atribuciones propiciada
However, cases of a deplorable lack of respect towards the eucharistic species have been reported, cases which are imputable not only to the individuals guilty of such behavior but also to the pastors of the church who have not been vigilant enough regarding the attitude of the faithful towards the Eucharist.
The forecast expansion (of importation) would be, to a large extent, imputable to the Philippines, which may lift its volume of purchases from (700,000 tons) in 2013 to 1.
Il les appelees a mettre leur juste affaire a l'abri des toutes les tentatives d'instrumentalisation, de chantage et de surencheres politiques ', ajoutant que le verdict rendu par la cour d'appel militaire est le resultat d'un processus errone dont la responsabilite est imputable a tout le dispositif issu des elections du 23 octobre, auquel manquait la volonte d'instaurer et de mettre en œuvre une justice transitionnelle garantissant l'equite et la manifestation de la verite '.
For a measure to be considered state aid, there must be an economic activity from which the beneficiary draws an economic advantage and the measure must be imputable to the state, selective and have an effect on trade and competition.
Acts of an insurance agent--unlike acts of an insurance broker--are imputable to the insurer.
Cette evolution est imputable a la baisse de 2,4 pc des importations (252,92 MMDH contre 259,03 MMDH), ainsi qu'au recul de 1,5 pc des exportations, soit plus de 121,19 MMDH contre 123,09 MMDH, ajoute la meme source.
L'Americaine Lindsey Vonn, reine de la vitesse blessee lors du super-G des Mondiaux de ski alpin a Schladming, a estime avant-hier samedi que son accident etait imputable a la Federation internationale de ski (FIS) et aux organisateurs qui n'auraient jamais du donner le depart de l'epreuve.
Las entidades organizadoras no se hacen responsables de las perdidas o posibles deterioros de los originales, ni de retrasos o cualquier otra circunstancia imputable a correos o terceros que pueda afectar a los envios de las obras participantes en el premio.
Third, the reluctance of the opposition to conclude an agreement with HRH the Crown Prince and to enter a national dialogue before certain preconditions were met, such as dismissing the government and without previously agreed principles, parameters and implementation mechanisms is also imputable to the general mistrust that the opposition harboured towards the government.