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Synonyms for impulsively

in an impulsive or impetuous way


References in classic literature ?
His hand went out impulsively to hers, but she avoided the clasp by a sort of bodily stiffening and chill, the while the eyes smiled still more gloriously.
I've enjoyed every minute of the time," said Anne, throwing her arms impulsively about the old woman's neck and kissing her wrinkled cheek.
Grace rose impulsively, and drawing her chair after her, approached the nurse.
I asked impulsively, for he had voiced my own fear.
She could hear the sound of her son's voice coming towards them, and glancing swiftly round the terrace, she got up impulsively.
Helena's masterful look was intent upon her face for a few moments, and then she impulsively put out both her hands and said:
I'd marry'm to-morrow," Mary flashed out impulsively.
Haldin's end (and I cannot help thinking that it hastened it considerably), it is because the man, trusted impulsively by the ill-fated Victor Haldin, had failed to gain the confidence of Victor Haldin's mother.
A jury heard the allegation that a woman impulsively made up a false rape claim after her mother said to her: "You've been raped, you.
It is not the time for impulsively chasing after chaotic delusions," said Machnouk.
The defendant's lawyer Fatima Al Hawaj asked if her client could act impulsively due to his illness or become angrier faster than usual.
With little else in common they analyse the previous night's performances before Megan impulsively decides to road-test their advice.
Citizens the faster service done online would benefit youngsters who may plan their trips impulsively.
Whether it was done premeditated or impulsively, it does not substantially impair his ability to form a rational judgment," he said.
Leicester Crown Court was told that Burton's condition caused him to act impulsively without thinking of the consequences.