impulse turbine

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a turbine that is driven by jets direct against the blades

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3% [42-44] Impulse Turbine Water / [33, Unknown 245fa 3.
On the other hand, his success in developing the impulse turbine helped create a technology base of engineers and manufacturing.
The Turgo impulse turbine uses a jet of water to strike the enclosed water wheel at an angle.
Gustav de Laval had tried to use a Hero-type reaction turbine to drive his high speed cream separator, but he rejected it and instead developed the impulse turbine that bears his name.
studying the Characteristics and testing, Models of DC Motor, Alernator, Impulse Turbine, DC shunt motor-Generator Set, DC Power Supply, Measurement of dielectric strength of Transformer oil etc.
The second is an impulse turbine, or Pelton wheel, which was used extensively in the west.