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attack as false or wrong

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The size of their homes; how much money they had; the color of their skin; and the clothes they wore were never reasons to impugn anyone's right to respect.
Finally, your recent attempts to impugn the opinion of our financial advisor, McDonald Investments, further illustrate to the Board your lack of sincerity in this offer.
Advocate High Court Saqlain Haideri, legal consul to State Minister for Law and Justice, Muhammad Afzal Sindhu filed the notice under section-VIII, libel pursuant to Defamation Ordinance 2002, in which he said that the statements published in the newspaper were false and defamatory and such "malicious and reckless defamatory statements impugn his reputation".
He said that Pakistan was a responsible, peaceful Nation, and a trustworthy neighbour, who would never allow anyone to use its soil for terrorist activities, nor allow anyone to interfere in Pakistans internal affairs or impugn its sovereignty.
The Catholic monthly AD2000 saw this as part of a tendency of the media to "aggressively impugn the good reputation of distinguished persons on the basis of a mere assertion.
For that reason, videos depicting crash results at 50 mph -- an energy level more than five times greater than that of the federally mandated standard -- are highly misleading when used to try to impugn GM's safety performance.
There is not a scintilla of evidence, either in the documents themselves or elsewhere in the record, that tends to impugn the integrity of the reports,'' the Solicitor General's Office wrote in a petition to the Supreme Court, referring to Favish's assertions that FBI interviews were inaccurate.
Food Lion's tactic for dealing with bad news is to impugn the motives of the messenger.
Commenting on the motion, Erik Martin said it is not his goal to impugn a federal judge and that he holds the judiciary in high regard.
Just as James Carville and Larry Flynt played the role of Democratic pit bulls during the impeachment campaign, Jesse Jackson sought to impugn the election with threats of a ``civil rights explosion.
and Hewlett Packard, charges anti-trust violations which fundamentally impugn the legality of OSF's open process, and challenge OSF's right to exist.
Why do so many of the media's interrogators feel they have to adopt such a sneering tone as they impugn the values and motivations of public figures?
Brooke stated, "The decisions by the court make it clear that the CVR holders' attempts to impugn Brooke's financial condition just do not stand up.
and want to send a clear message to the industry that we will not tolerate imitators of any kind that impugn our good name and reputation.
Not to impugn the people of the great state of Vermont, but the arrogance of Howard Dean thinking that he can run the most powerful government in the world after governing a state that has fewer people than the city of Los Angeles is laughable.