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Synonyms for impudently

in an impudent or impertinent manner

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Yes," said the man, thrusting his hands into his pockets, and looking impudently at the youth; "I have taken the whim into my head; do you understand, Master Benedetto?
Blanche's excited, impudently abusive tongue and the General's plaintive wail as, apparently, he sought to justify himself in something.
His eyes too seemed strange; at one moment they looked impudently sly and at the next glanced round in alarm.
said she, with such severe but quiet dignity as almost disconcerted me; but I answered with a smile, and impudently enough, -
I mention this because it would be worth the observation of any prisoner, who shall hereafter fall into the same misfortune, and come to that dreadful place of Newgate, how time, necessity, and conversing with the wretches that are there familiarizes the place to them; how at last they become reconciled to that which at first was the greatest dread upon their spirits in the world, and are as impudently cheerful and merry in their misery as they were when out of it.
He drifted back to the immediate present for a moment and noted that the river still ran wide open, and that a moose-bird, perched on the bow of the boat, was surveying him impudently.
Such was his confidence, that when a moose-bird impudently hopped up to him, he reached out at it with a playful paw.
Youthful alumni unfurled banners impudently proclaiming "We Belong" while exposing their identities for the rest of the nation to see.
This perception is impudently and glaringly reflected in Donald Trump's repeated rhetoric 'America comes first'.
Anti-DPRK hard-liners including the US ambassador to the United Nations let out such nonsense as 'dangerous circumstances,' going so impudently as to urge the DPRK not to 'make a mistake,'" the statement added.
PREMIER LEAGUE P Man City 14 Man Utd 14 Chelsea 14 Arsenal 14 LIVERPOOL 14 Burnley 14 Spurs 14 Watford 14 Leicester 14 Brighton 14 Southampton 14 Newcastle 14 Everton 14 Huddersfield 14 AFCBournemouth 14 Stoke 14 West Brom 14 West Ham 14 Swansea 14 C Palace 14 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain released Joe Gomez on the right who ran the ball right to the line before crossing and Stoke were still appealing for it going over the byline as Mane's impudently dinked the ball over Lee Grant from Solanke's nudge through.
In these paintings, Hockney's awkward figurative style fleshes out toward naturalism, impudently balancing between art and illustration.
Ruben Loftus-Cheek, before his premature first-half exit, lived up to his surname by impudently sending South Americans the wrong way.
But as if a team like this needs any help, up stepped ref Michael Oliver, falling for Sterling falling over as he ran across Monreal's perfectly reasonable path, allowing Aguero to impudently net from 12 yards.
Unlike other 'old' shows that lose their mojo and moxie due to age and dwindling rage, 'SNL' continues to zing and sting, impudently generating caustic comedy from today's headlines.