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Synonyms for imprudent

Synonyms for imprudent

Antonyms for imprudent

not prudent or wise

lacking wise self-restraint

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Elton is a very good sort of man, and a very respectable vicar of Highbury, but not at all likely to make an imprudent match.
Elton might not be of an imprudent, inconsiderate disposition as to money matters; he might naturally be rather attentive than otherwise to them; but then, Mr.
But by an appeal to her affection for her mother, by representing the inconveniences which that indulgent mother must draw on herself, if (as would probably be the case) she consented to this increase of establishment, Marianne was shortly subdued; and she promised not to tempt her mother to such imprudent kindness by mentioning the offer, and to tell Willoughby when she saw him next, that it must be declined.
If there ever should be a doubt on this head, the credit of it will be entirely due to those reasoners who, in the imprudent zeal of their animosity to the plan of the convention, have labored to envelop it in a cloud calculated to obscure the plainest and simplest truths.
The idea of being taken and brought back ignominiously to the ship was so inexpressibly repulsive to me, that I was determined by no hasty and imprudent measures to render such an event probable.
Her disposition was naturally easy and indolent, like Lady Bertram's; and a situation of similar affluence and do-nothingness would have been much more suited to her capacity than the exertions and self-denials of the one which her imprudent marriage had placed her in.
Meiners pleaded that one Vanguard fund performed better than the Wells Fargo target-date funds, but the fact that one fund with a different investment strategy ultimately performed better than the Wells Fargo funds does not establish whether those were an imprudent choice.
Among the charges were the failure to comply with procurement laws, engaging in projects without prior planning, failure to comply with the law relating to procurement laws, abuse of office and imprudent acquisition of public property.
"All signs seem to point" to PG&E "being imprudent operators in the majority of instances," meaning it should assume liability, said Pourreza.
But Troutman noted a distinction between a passenger in a vehicle and a person sending text messages.<br />"The driver cannot prevent the passenger, who is actually present inside the vehicle, from creating a distraction by suddenly and unnecessarily calling out at an imprudent moment.
Had Pakistan not adopted this imprudent, injudicious and short-sighted decision, Pakistan would have not only been united but also at peace with the ethnic nationalists.
Liaqat Baloch that the forces ruling the Pakistan of the Quaid e Azam had created innumerable problems for the country and the nation because of their wrong policies on domestic and internal fronts, unconstitutional steps and imprudent economic policies.
Those who decide to follow this retired executive director in his misleading and imprudent adventure are advised to desist from further doing so.
"Given that monetary policy affects economic activity and inflation with a substantial lag, it would be imprudent to keep monetary policy on hold until inflation is back to 2 percent," Yellen told the National Association for Business Economics.
When I quit college to go on the road as a musician, I was being imprudent. When I quit music to go back to school in my 30s, it was imprudent.