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Synonyms for improvident

Synonyms for improvident

not provident

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not given careful consideration

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Indolent and childish, unsystematic and improvident, it was not to be expected that servants trained under her care should not be so likewise; and she had very justly described to Miss Ophelia the state of confusion she would find in the family, though she had not ascribed it to the proper cause.
Besides, if your father saved money, and the others were improvident, he deserved to make a fortune."
Edward Freely was the name that shone in gilt letters on a mazarine ground over the doorplace of the new shop--a generous-sounding name, that might have belonged to the open-hearted, improvident hero of an old comedy, who would have delighted in raining sugared almonds, like a new manna-gift, among that small generation outside the windows.
He removed his cap and wig, for the air was warm, and an improvident impulse made him cast the latter object overboard.
'How do you reconcile that, with this young lady's being a weak- spirited, improvident idiot, not knowing what was due to herself, flinging up her money to the church-weathercocks, and racing off at a splitting pace for the workhouse?'
'How a man, even among this improvident and impracticable race; an old man; a man grown grey; can look a New Year in the face, with his affairs in this condition; how he can lie down on his bed at night, and get up again in the morning, and--There!' he said, turning his back on Trotty.
The accused was eventually acquitted of the charges after his improvident plea of guilty was withdrawn and we were able to properly present his side of the story.
In its statement of claim, Mangrove outlines the rushed, defensive and improvident nature of the Brookfield Transaction, including that the TransAlta Special Committee was formed less than two weeks before the public announcement of the Transaction, and that CIBC was not formally engaged as financial advisor until three days before the announcement.
As for the second statute, Finkle wrote that although there was no Rhode Island case law or legislative commentary addressing RIGL 27-4-12's application, "the statute's plain and unambiguous language shows the legislature's intent to protect annuity proceeds and payments from improvident actions by beneficiaries" and does not extend to an annuity owner or annuitant.
It would be improvident on Nigerians to repeat such problems in the future.
India, therefore, must abandon acting as a war-like state and keeping peace and tranquillity of the region a hostage to her improvident inclinations.
A long tradition of exoticizing the Spanish national character proved crucial to nineteenth-century military interventions against Spain, including that of the United States in Cuba in 1898 (Ruth MacKay, "Lazy, Improvident People": Myth and Reality in the Writing of Spanish History [Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2006], 236).
The sequestrations issued due to Araneta's alleged involvement with Marcos' ill-gotten wealth have been judged to be improvident and can no longer justify further PCGG custodianship.
Even if she had found the [euro]280,000 was a gift, she would have set that aside as an "improvident transaction" on foot of which the defendants had been "unjustly enriched", she added.
Instead of mimicking Trump, the Democrats would be better off providing a stark contrast with this improvident president.
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