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Synonyms for improver

someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

a component that is added to something to improve it

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Conclusion Several unexposed potential improvers in opposition but his form is strong and he can make his experience tell.
This year brands within the financial services sector dominated the Top BrandIndex Buzz Improvers list.
The progr rag mme - originallyl set to take k place in 2014-15 - is alreadr yd well under way, a with an in-house workforce carryingr out improver ments to homes in Rhymneh y, e Pantside, Senghenyd n dand Pwllypant, l while a further 72 properties r at Ty Cochc in Rhymneh y,e 42 properties r at First Avenv uen in Trecenr ydn d and 60 at Pantside a in Newbridge e are r to also see their refurbishment dates broughtr forwarw d.
As well as bread improver, other key products include dough conditioners, cake mixes, doughnuts and icings.
the Consumers' Association magazine, found that digging in the soil improver boosts the soil in the short term but spreading it over the area as a mulch has a longer-lasting effect.
GARDENS on Anglesey will look 'blooming marvellous' as 41 tonnes of soil improver were given away recently from the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Penhesgyn, Menai Bridge.
The council had provided a big pile of soil improver so we have the citizens of Newcastle to thank for that.
He thinks immediately of improver landholders like those in the Midlands or Scottish Highlands who by either enclosures or "clearances" changed their respective landscapes and work ethic forever.
Baking tests were carried out with and without a commercial baking improver composed of soy flour, ascorbic acid, amylase, hemicellulase and sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (SSL).
10), a significant improver over hurdles when switched to Richard Fahey's stable last winter, has dropped to a very winnable mark on the Flat and holds strong claims despite having to defy topweight and a year's absence.
The partnership later doubled up when taking some impressive scalps in the Improver event.
Natural pine bark extract helps moderate allergic responses by reducing histamine production, while horse chestnut extract with aescin is a natural blood vessel improver.
The second study showed that, after three days, the HFCS and an improver combination significantly improved TA and NIRS profiles compared to the control.
An 8-inch products pipeline serving the New York City market achieved a volume increase of 10-15 million bpd when operators switched from gel flow improver to suspension flow improver.
The official assessor cannot possibly get too carried away with this and World Series appeals as a potential improver who is worth keeping in mind when he does step into handicap company