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susceptible of improvement

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This GS activity in a scenario of reading comprehension embodies the patterns of improvable ideas and symmetric knowledge advancement.
Words from his Swiftian Irish pen are rarely improvable.
Generally there is a feeling that the teaching of history is improvable, and teachers are not short of suggesting ways how, such as by keeping up with intellectual developments; challenging students' apathy; encouraging students to think about the nature of history; and developing new teaching practices.
That only means they are stable, predictable, and improvable.
In my project I exploit the powerful tools of theories formulated in terms of effective degrees of freedom to provide accurate analytic solutions of QCD by means of rigorous, systematically improvable approximations.
3) Profile of identified individual's strengths and improvable abilities
The entire novel takes the form of a dialogue between Andrew and The entire novel takes the form of a dialogue between Andrew and "Doc", an unnamed shrink who seeks to defend the notion of an improvable human nature against the pitiless scientist who believes our behaviour is entirely determined by biochemistry.
The idea that the world is improvable, however, is not without problems.
characteristics of the intervention program that is the object of evaluation, in order to determine which aspects are improvable.
The ratings reflect Remy Cointreau's strong positions in the profitable cognac industry, the strength of its strategic but oversized distribution network, and its relatively modest but improvable positions in the champagne and liqueur businesses.
But others - like accuracy of records, billing and debt collection methods - clearly are potentially improvable.
Consequences from this evaluation in the model are organization's strengths and its improvable grounds which offer a list of preferable plans to reach improvement [1].
With standard processes in place, Computer Horizons will be able to provide project managers and developers with automated, improvable and easy-to-use templates (or process libraries) that offer guidance across a wide range of technologies.
For instance, they focus on improvable behaviour and not intangible characteristics, and always, absolutely always, their assessments are evidence-based, not, absolutely not, opinion-based.
Lewis' first team are talented, mostly young and eminently improvable and there must be six of them who could play, worthily, in the first division tomorrow.