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A lesser "triumph." In modern English the word is improperly used to signify any loose and spontaneous expression of popular homage to the hero of the hour and place.
A telegraphic signal, improperly interpreted, owing to the fog, was the cause of this error."
"As to your foolishness and awkwardness, my dear Fanny, believe me, you never have a shadow of either, but in using the words so improperly. There is no reason in the world why you should not be important where you are known.
Hargrave, who, if equally benighted on the subject of our estrangement, saw at least that her daughter was behaving very improperly, 'I must insist upon your leaving the room!'
"Most improperly," said Fyne, who really was in a state in which he didn't mind what he blurted out.
"My dear Harriet, you must not refine too much upon this charade.You will betray your feelings improperly, if you are too conscious and too quick, and appear to affix more meaning, or even quite all the meaning which may be affixed to it.
Even THEN, however, when fully determined on paying my addresses to her, I allowed myself most improperly to put off, from day to day, the moment of doing it, from an unwillingness to enter into an engagement while my circumstances were so greatly embarrassed.
The SEC orders find that both brokers improperly obtained pre-released ADRs indirectly from other broker-dealers, and the order as to Cantor Fitzgerald finds that the firm also improperly obtained pre-released ADRs directly from depositary banks.
LOS ANGELES -- The Latest on a jury's verdict that Katy Perry's hit "Dark Horse" improperly copied elements of a 2009 Christian rap song (all times local):
1.3 offering a bribe or other Reward to the Sri Lankan Sports Minister to contrive in any way or otherwise influence improperly the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of an International Match OR (in the alternative) Article 2.1 contriving in any way or otherwise influencing improperly the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of an International Match AND 2.Article 2.
Jamshaid, a former Pakistan Test player, Anwar and Ijaz are accused of conspiring to offer financial advantages to players in the Pakistan Super League with the intention of inducing them to perform improperly by failing to play competitively in good faith.
Between April 5, and May 31, 2017, being the MD, he used his office to improperly confer a benefit to southern engineering company limited by awarding the tender for the construction of the Oil Jetty.
The firm has agreed to pay USD38.7m to settle charges that it improperly handled 'pre-released' ADR's.
WDIV, a local NBC affiliate, said the Cantrell Funeral Home on the city's east side had been shut down in April by state inspectors who had found several violations including decomposing remains, improperly stored bodies and unsanitary conditions.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is advising veterans who have been separated from service for combat-related injuries and received a severance payment that was improperly taxed to take advantage of the relief offered to them by the Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act (P.L.