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A telegraphic signal, improperly interpreted, owing to the fog, was the cause of this error.
As to your foolishness and awkwardness, my dear Fanny, believe me, you never have a shadow of either, but in using the words so improperly.
Hargrave, who, if equally benighted on the subject of our estrangement, saw at least that her daughter was behaving very improperly, 'I must insist upon your leaving the room
Most improperly," said Fyne, who really was in a state in which he didn't mind what he blurted out.
You will betray your feelings improperly, if you are too conscious and too quick, and appear to affix more meaning, or even quite all the meaning which may be affixed to it.
Even THEN, however, when fully determined on paying my addresses to her, I allowed myself most improperly to put off, from day to day, the moment of doing it, from an unwillingness to enter into an engagement while my circumstances were so greatly embarrassed.
As cold weather moved into the region over the weekend, several communities reported incidents of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning associated with improperly maintained heating equipment.
Urban Title argues that its final proposal revision (FPR) was improperly rejected as late, and that the agency improperly used concerns about Urban Title's ongoing performance of the incumbent contract to downgrade its past performance without raising those concerns during discussions.
1% had improperly displayed or non- existent non-skid strips and striped yellow and black tape on the deck in front of the lathe, drill press, and bench grinder (diamond tread DOES NOT satisfy the requirement) Ref: OPNAVINST 5100.
In addition, the IRS determined the LLC had improperly expensed a $25,000 item in 2004 that should have been amortized over five years.
Some veterans who received prostate biopsies between 1997 and 2001 at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities in 11 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico may have been treated with improperly disinfected instruments, according to VA officials.
Browning-Ferris Industries will pay nearly $5,200 in fines and fees, and be placed on 18 months' probation for improperly storing asbestos at its Sun Valley truck repair yard, the City Attorney's Office announced Thursday.
The majority of improperly sized/fitted helmets have been found to be too small.
Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory indicates that roughly half of Soldiers serving in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom are wearing the ground combat helmet improperly.
has completed its internal investigation of improperly collected markdowns, and it is now payback time.