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The development of this list of benchmarks has resulted in the formulation of three recommendations for Internet-based distance education: (1) proceed cautiously with efforts to apply a governmental imprimatur on Web-based higher education; (2) find ways to strengthen the impact technology may have on equal educational opportunity, especially institutions that serve large numbers of underrepresented students; and (3) ground government policies in standards of quality that are based on what works, such as the proposed benchmarks.
The historians claim in a new book, Imprimatur, that the Vatican sent around pounds 3.5million in today's terms to William in the 1660s.
By publicly placing his imprimatur on Russia's leader, and linking his own future legacy to Putin's, Bush has strengthened Putin at home to pursue the painful structural reforms necessary for eventual integration with the West.
After having enormous success in its partnership with Def Comedy Jam, the Simmons imprimatur and exploding popularity of slam poetry impelled HBO to showcase the "Def Poetry Jam" in a half-hour special to be filmed in Aspen, Colorado.
Food with the imprimatur of `USDA Organic' could give the impression that the government has declared these foods purer or safer than other foods, when it has not, and when there is no scientific evidence warranting they do so in the first place.
The site of his untimely demise in London's Mayfair was recently adorned with an English Heritage blue plaque, the imprimatur of metropolitan respectability.
Gambling, more than almost any business, has the potential to corrupt government, because it generates mammoth profits and its very existence depends on government imprimatur.
The two have entered into a venture to distribute Harvard's existing print publications, as well as reports, internet and intranet products and services for consumers, corporations and managed care organizations under the Harvard Medical School imprimatur. The combined reach of the venture will be more than 15 million consumers.
It is currently usable only for Intranet applications; it lacks any RFCs for access through a firewall; it has no intrinsic encryption or authentication, and, despite its non-system-specific nature, it needs the imprimatur of a major operating system to really gain mindshare.
While there is no shortage of studies of the great picture book published by Albrecht Durer under his own imprimatur in 1498, the literature to date has been heavily weighted toward stylistic and iconographic analysis, and the changes in the fifteen woodblocks that distinguish each edition from the next.
While not designated as the "official" biography in the traditional sense of that term, David Leeming enjoyed, nevertheless, the dual privileges of having the imprimatur of some of Baldwin's family as well as the active cooperation of some relatives.
Adoption of the Model Regulation by the MTC will provide an important imprimatur and will likely increase the number of States that adopt the Regulation.
Other films bearing Coach House's imprimatur and premiering this year include House, from a play and additional materials written by Daniel MacIvor; The English Patient, based on a novel by Michael Ondaatje, past editor, board member and poet; The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati, based on a play by Alan Williams published in the anthology Solo and Kissed, from a Barbara Gowdy short story that appeared in the anthology The Girl Wants To....
Once again, by those under 40 and over, attention is being paid - not only because these are among the best of new Japanese works, but because they are new works with the imprimatur of Tadashi Suzuki.
Louis the following week, I noted another right-wing Christian commercial enterprise, The Shepherd's Guide, a Christian business directory "which is currently serving over 100 metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Canada." The advertisers who are listed under the guide's imprimatur must first sign the statement: "I have been born again according to John 3:3 and I pledge to hold the highest Biblical code of ethics in my business transactions." Underneath this notice is another: "We can make no warranty of any kind with regard to the services or products of the advertisers herein."