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Synonyms for impressiveness

splendid or imposing in size or appearance

the quality of making a strong or vivid impression on the mind

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His very name carried an impressiveness hardly to be measured without a precise chronology of scholarship.
He began by putting on his spectacles, then he opened a large black book; his white beard, and his two medals on his breast, recalling acts of charity, all added to his impressiveness.
Cain' and 'Heaven and Earth,' though wretchedly written, have also a vaguely vast imaginative impressiveness.
The parts of hospitality, the connection of families, the impressiveness of death, and a thousand other things, royalty makes its own estimate of, and a royal mind will.
These dresses represent impressiveness and fine detailing of hand embroidery along with that it also spoke about the aesthetics sense of the person who designed it, he added.
Yet, given that they are enjoying a Championship season like never before - and it cannot be stressed enough the impressiveness of what the Bluebirds have done to date - perhaps it would be understandable to question whether the Bluebirds can indeed improve.
illusive ritual, the purely aesthetic pleasure of music, and the impressiveness of ecclesiastical vestments and utensils.
The overwhelming height and impressiveness of the space appears in relation to the child figure, but the inserted suspicion that the room is "wie ich vermute, gewolbte [.
H-4) 6 6/8 5 5/8 1 1/8 Totals 94 3/8 84 1/8 13 6/8 Gross typical score 194 4/8 Subtract side-to-side differences -13 6/8 Add abnormal points +14 3/8 FINAL NET NON-TYPICAL SCORE 195 1/8 Titan's net score of 195 1/8 makes B&C's all-time records but scarcely matches his impressiveness.
Panama, Kuwait (twice), Kosovo, Iraq, Korea--the list of his deployments echoes the impressiveness of his rise through the ranks to Senior Policy Advisor for the Secretary of Defense.
Turkoglu, "Creating meaningful data from web logs for improving the impressiveness of a website by using path analysis method", Expert Systems with Applications, vol.
Smith expressing the impressiveness of Egypt's historical attractions.
78,79) The extraordinary recognition he received in being inducted into a Trapshooting Hall of Fame as well as the National Baseball Hall of Fame is further proof of the breadth and impressiveness of his achievements.
Ayala Avenue is supposed to be the spiritual heir to Avenida Rizal and Escolta in the old days, but for all its impressiveness you can see it only from the window of a car.
You can lose yourself in the impressiveness of this training site until the man speaks.