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Synonyms for impressiveness

splendid or imposing in size or appearance

the quality of making a strong or vivid impression on the mind

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These dresses represent impressiveness and fine detailing of hand embroidery along with that it also spoke about the aesthetics sense of the person who designed it, he added.
In many places, I appreciated the engaged orchestra's slender sound and transparent insight into the middle part: in many passages, My Home sounds akin to Schubert's Octet, while the middle part of In Nature's Realm possesses a truly bold chamber-like impressiveness in the wonderfully vaulted dynamic arc, and the phrasing of the slow opening of Othello is--with all due respect to the numerous other recordings--absolutely exemplary.
Crowds turned out in London to pay their respects as Emily Davison's funeral procession passed through the streets and back home huge numbers lined up to watch as her body was brought back to Morpeth, And the tone of the next newspaper article was different too, as it reported "a dense, silent, respectful crowd, which could not fail to be touched by the impressiveness and pathos of the occasion".
Steinhoff notes the Hitlerian "trend to promote Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg as the greatest of the composer's works (rather than Parsifal)." That final parenthesis assumed more than I was prepared to grant: Tristan (for harmonic innovations), or Der Ring (for sheer scale and impressiveness) are at least just as obvious as candidates for Wagner's greatest work.
All I'm saying is that for all the impressiveness of his argument that Wales' system of 22 councils is failing, and the fact he missed his calling as a criminal barrister, Mr Andrews hasn't yet explained how a new bureaucracy of his own devising will tackle the entrenched problems facing Wales' schools.
It is by no means as brilliant as some of the star clusters we have seen, but it gains beauty and impressiveness from the presence of one bright star that seems to captain a host of inferior luminaries."
Easy to forget that amid the disappointment over England's first-half performance, and the impressiveness of Ukraine's, that as things stand both sides are heading in opposite directions in this tournament.
By this I mean that the wow factor--the impressiveness of the works' labor-intensive craftsmanship and the compulsion to figure out how their matrices are constructed--initially detracts from the actual images.
Perhaps their absence had nothing to do with the impressiveness of economic performance before then." But, he noted, "The correlation is fact.
An iPad, he said, could create a kind of synthesis between the visual impressiveness conveyed by a book, the pleasure of receiving a gift, and the reams of data an investor is able to comb through on the private website set up for sale, since iPads log onto the Internet.
This is yet another example of McGoogan's attempts to inflate the significance or impressiveness of Kane's achievements--achievements that were certainly impressive enough without McGoogan's exaggerations.
That after twenty years no researcher of Uchimura outside Japan has matched this book's coverage of him is an unqualified testimony to the impressiveness of Howes's work.
Business meetings here are now much more relaxed, but as that day's two events proved, they can lose impressiveness as a result.