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Synonyms for impressive

Synonyms for impressive

exciting a deep, usually somber response

Synonyms for impressive

making a strong or vivid impression

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producing a strong effect

References in classic literature ?
And Tom rose from the sofa with an air of indignant resolution, the impressive effect of which was somewhat damaged by a tousled head, and the hunched appearance of his garments generally.
The old lady put out her hand, and drawing Polly to her knee, looked into her face with such kind eyes, that Polly forgot the impressive cap, and smiled at her confidingly; for she saw that her simple music had pleased her listener, and she felt glad to know it.
Doubtless," said the Philosopher to himself, as he walked away, "the wisdom of fools is no deeper nor truer than ours, but they really do seem to have a more impressive way of imparting it.
Then he described the oath which every member of that small remnant of a noble body took, and which was of a dreadful and impressive kind; binding him, at the bidding of his chief, to resist and obstruct the Lord Mayor, sword-bearer, and chaplain; to despise the authority of the sheriffs; and to hold the court of aldermen as nought; but not on any account, in case the fulness of time should bring a general rising of 'prentices, to damage or in any way disfigure Temple Bar, which was strictly constitutional and always to be approached with reverence.
To this the novice made rejoinder, that he would take the vow, though it should choke him; and it was accordingly administered with many impressive circumstances, among which the lighting up of the two skulls with a candle-end inside of each, and a great many flourishes with the bone, were chiefly conspicuous; not to mention a variety of grave exercises with the blunderbuss and sabre, and some dismal groaning by unseen 'prentices without.
Sparsit, in a very impressive manner, 'do you recollect my having said anything to you respecting names?
The visitor having strolled to the window, and being then engaged in looking carelessly out, was as unmoved by this impressive entry as man could possibly be.
Bumble, raising his hands and eyes with most impressive solemnite.
I hope,' said the impressive lady, 'I am incapable of it.
Indeed, the bearing of this impressive woman, throughout the day, was a pattern to all impressive women under similar circumstances.
The scene was an impressive one, well calculated to strike terror to the hearts of culprits, and to impress them with an adequate idea of the stern majesty of the law.
At Impressive Being you will meet them in person and learn from them in a more intimate setting.
This stunning apartment boasts a large and impressive open plan lounge and dining room that benefits from patio doors opening directly onto a wide private balcony, whilst the dining room is also open plan to a beautifully fitted kitchen.
Vocally impressive, she gives her blend of pop ballads and R&B floorfillers an individual Essex-bred stamp that marks her out from US role models.
Ardbeg Mentor was impressive in winning the 285metre sprint in a fast 16.