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Synonyms for impressionistic

tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind

Synonyms for impressionistic

relating to or characteristic of Impressionism

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Winter writes in impressionistic strokes that invite the imagination to immerse itself in her world: "Nicole pried herself out from the press of the crowd, all the smells of perfume, perspiration and alcohol, the sweet waft of candy and melting chocolate combining with incense from the nearby apartment building with jack o'lanterns in the windows.
Rippling tonal "water" sounds take over, morphing the piece into a beautiful sort of impressionistic waterscape.
It's a theft called a "no crime" and the 2012 figures can only be regarded as indeed "impressionistic."
SEASONS' GREETINGS: Vibrant, impressionistic landscape from Mike Jones in an exhibition at Brighouse
Denos captures her look and popular appeal wonderfully in impressionistic 1960s-style paintings that look like fashion spreads.
FONDATION BEYELER * JANUARY 29-MAY 13 * CURATED BY ULF KUSTER Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) created on canvas, in small, impressionistic strokes, a world far more colorful than gray.
The impressionistic illustrations are striking and evocative of the Kimberley region.
It refers to the way in which a lens handles parts of the image which are out of focus, such as a lot of the cat's fur above, and Fotobananas' impressionistic view of the Liver Building right.
"Does God Know How to Tie Shoes?" is a beautiful board book for young children with poetic text based on Psalms and other Biblical sources and bright impressionistic illustrations of the subject, a walk though the countryside taken by Katrina and her parents that leads to her questions about God.
Then, my students used oil pastels to blend their own Impressionistic, fun lily pads.
Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti's steamy, full-length tribute to the enigmatic painter, which premiered last year, is an impressionistic evocation of Caravaggio's inner world, seething with religious imagery and startling sensuality.
Especially lovely and strange is Pei-lun Vicky Chang's Suite for Organ, with its impressionistic opening section and startlingly boogie-woogie-like interlude.
The brushwork in these later creations of Titian is much more free, we might say much more impressionistic, than in the early period.
It is split into three sections: The Forest - an experiment in imagination, taking the viewer into a hazy, dark place, silent, watching and waiting in the twilight; Impressionistic Pictorial Photography - characterised by its soft focus and dusky tones; and Turbulent Abstraction - the splendour of moving water is encapsulated as free-flowing and subtle in colour, like a geographical map of an unseen landscape.
Elli Bunton described her set and costume designs for Pacific Opera Victoria's Madama Butterfly as "impressionistic," but it was more than that: impressionism became the overarching concept for the entire production, visually and musically.