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Synonyms for impression

Synonyms for impression

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the character projected or given by someone to the public

intuitive cognition

the visible effect made on a surface by pressure

the entire number of copies of a publication printed from a single typesetting


Synonyms for impression

a vague idea in which some confidence is placed

an outward appearance

a clear and telling mental image

a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving

all the copies of a work printed at one time

(dentistry) an imprint of the teeth and gums in wax or plaster

an impressionistic portrayal of a person

the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another

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The introduction of desirable properties such as being dust-free, fast setting, having improved pour time and improved dimensional stability have upgraded the quality of alginate as an impression material.
We buy clothes that fit well, stay in shape, groom ourselves, practice introducing ourselves and smiling at the people we meet to establish a positive first impression.
Mucocompressive impression technique records the tissues in their functional form so as to provide denture stability during function.
The Impression Troubleshooting Guide is an interactive digital tool allowing dentists to quickly find answers to 12 of the most common issues in the impression taking procedure, with instant access to the corresponding solution.
With the help of digital scanners, AvaDent is able to capture a scan of a dental impression made with AvaDent impression material, creating essentially a "digital impression" of the patient's mouth.
There are 8 systems available from 6 different companies, out of which currently 3 main systems are in use for digital impression making, such as the Lava Chairside Oral Scanner by 3M, the CEREC AC by Sirona, and the cadent iTero system.
There are different criteria for impression making leading to a prosthesis having retention, stability, support and aesthetics.
Polyvinylsiloxanes (PVS), used as dental impression materials, were formulated with the variation of loading combination of six types of fillers including nano-sized fumed silica.
The constructs of EI and impression management can be perceived within the framework of positive psychology.
FIRST impressions, as we all know, are lasting impressions - for comedian and actress Jan Ravens those impressions have made her one of TV's best know impersonators starring in Spitting Image and Dead Ringers.
This reduces the effect of implant angulations, decreases deformation of the impression material upon recovery from the mouth, and eliminates the concern for replacing the coping back into its respective space in the impression.
Imagine you have a new colleague at work and your impression of that person is not very favourable.
The purpose of this work is to study the creep deformation of a PMR-15 resin, using the impression technique.
The impression you leave from a first encounter is only a glimpse into your totality as a person, but people "will unconsciously assume that the sample is an accurate representation of the whole you," say the authors.