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Synonyms for impressible

able to receive and respond to external stimuli

Synonyms for impressible

easily impressed or influenced

References in classic literature ?
And they are many, and their charges against me are of ancient date, and they were made by them in the days when you were more impressible than you are now--in childhood, or it may have been in youth--and the cause when heard went by default, for there was none to answer.
The most impressible of races, ideas and views of life take root among them such as would find no acceptance elsewhere.
However, alteration is not impressible if it is not done at the cost of status quo (Ali, 2013).
Such a second class of stock would be impressible under an S corporation structure.
The court said that it knew that he did not plant the bombs but it is he who targeted the meek underprivileged souls who were easily impressible to accomplish the ulterior motive of killing people.
Today, the spacious site is recognized today as "the most impressible building on Broad Street” and is one of the premier event spaces in New York City.
Join the boat-loving Ratty, the sensible yet curious Mole, wise old Badger and the fantastically impressible Toad as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime - culminating in a colourful battle with a pair of pick-pocketing weasels to save Toad Hall
STERN & SALTZBURG, supra note 1 (disagreeing with Mauet concerning reservation of opening statement); 75-76, 80-81 (disagreeing with Mauet concerning how to distinguish permissible opening statement from impressible argument during the opening); 112-13 (disagreeing with Mauet regarding opening statements); 205 (describing Mauet's advice concerning preparation of witnesses for direct examination as "the worst way to prepare the witness to testify").
One reviewer for the Nation despised Aunt Dinah's Pledge (1869), declaring that temperance is "a depressing, brutalizing theme, and no treatment of it can make its presentation very well worthy [sic] the attention of children at their most impressible age" ("Children's Books" 543).
This method extracts mutual impressible and effective relations of elements by using graph theory so that it score rate of each relation by a number.
I would venture to guess that if a blood-pressure monitor was kept on an impressible investor--or a less disciplined adviser--during a day of excitable market volatility, it would register unhealthy readings chained to events and movements not dearly understood.
Generally, this denationalization may also qualify as impressible racial
They controlled the court with an impressible tally of 51 rebounds, to finish the match with almost a 30 points difference (98-69).
64) See John Hart Ely, The Impressible Myth of Erie, 87 HARV.
Dewey suggests that while wax has often been used as a figure for the way a mind is impressible by experience, it has been used so improperly: