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Synonyms for impressible

able to receive and respond to external stimuli

Synonyms for impressible

easily impressed or influenced

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In addition, these results ascertained impressibility and softness of prepared substrates that were essential for the spotter pins' safety during contact with the surface in mechanical spotting.
She says that Vit is based on a person she knew, a person "who had that impressibility that seems unconfinable even in death.
For Rowe, a crucial aspect of genre differentiation is that genres variously model "the radical impressibility of affections," "the fact of being moved by the world as one moves through it" (93, 92).
things like the aptitude to be softened or hardened, the aptitude to be solidified or liquefied, malleability, the aptitude to be bent or straightened, impressibility, plasticity, tractility, squeezability and combustibility.
Benedict Anderson argues that the three major characteristics of the census--first, the impressibility of fractions, (people can't be 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/10 something, they need a classification of their own); second, its anonymity (which "shores up the census's truth"); and third, its pretensions to totality (it professes to capture all that is important about all citizens; if the census doesn't capture it, it isn't statistically important)--provide the census with an enormous amount of power.
In other words, most scholars of social capital including effective factors in the promotion strengthening and emphasize on role of social capital in the activities and process of empowerment and positive impressibility of empowerment indicators of links and social communication.
So, investigating the level of impressibility of companies' financial source structures determines the position of companies' operation in credit supply markets through different parameters--such as the features of the company and also the importance of the company in terms of expansion of operations, profitability, development opportunities and type of activities, which are meeting their various financial requirements.
Nickel [8] studied the functions of companies and their impressibility of competition.