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the quality of lacking precision

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In the real world problems satisfaction of the decision maker is not possible at most of the time due to impreciseness and incompleteness of the information of the data.
The fuzzy rough membership function brings sensitivity to noisy samples and handles impreciseness in training samples giving robust results.
The impreciseness of the term is reflected in bioethicist thinking, which varies widely regarding the properties of <person>hood.
This is how she tells him that she loves him sometimes, when she wants to get around all of the impreciseness of their knowledge of the languages that they use to speak to each other.
Secondly, every MPPT algorithm has the most promising problem of impreciseness to a certain degree and the predicted maximum available generation might be of unachievable in nature.
The multitude and impreciseness of public sphere organization's objectives are indicated in the way performance of workers is evaluated in the public sector.
The semantic relation with the Estado de Derecho (state of law, rule of law) is deliberate as is the impreciseness of whether it is superior or equal to the Estado de Derecho.
In the first phase, QFD was incorporated with the supermatrix approach of the ANP and the fuzzy set theory to calculate the priorities of engineering characteristics with the consideration of the interrelationship among factors and the impreciseness and vagueness in human judgments and information.
This paper concentrates on the dealing of uncertainty and impreciseness of task's parameters using another approach, that is, vague logic.
Data impreciseness is measured by the quantitative difference between an approximate value and the exact value.
Though the term may be insufficient to embody the intended concept, its impreciseness may be an accurate reflection of the present state of the field.
The system uncertainty could be classified as uncertainties due to randomness or due to impreciseness. As an example wind or earthquake loads on the structures are not known in advance and hence in structural design, usually wind or earthquake loads are considered to be random and determined based on the statistical and probabilistic concepts.
Actually, uncertainty, which worsens the tracking efficiency, is ubiquitous in sensor networks due to factors such as the impreciseness of positioning systems, environment noise and sensing irregularity.
Cockburn talked about his personal experience to prove the impreciseness and the incredibility of the media coverage, saying that when he was wandering in the Iranian capital on Feb 27th he didn't see any demonstrations in it, but later he watched a video on the You Tube showing a demonstration in Tehran with acts of violence which was given the same date.