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not precise


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"We intend to appeal to the Court of Appeal against the said judgment to the extent that the decision by the superior Court found provisions in the Act to be vague imprecise, ambiguous indefinite and its declaration that Section 33B (1) and (2) of the Banking Act are null and void,'' the notice by Cofek read.
"Those who are publishing imprecise news should remain silent," he added.
The dating and provenances of some of this material is imprecise, which may be more problematic for the argument than Marika Rasanen seems willing to concede.
The aim of this study is to analyze and modify the DESA model with imprecise data, such that the aim of this change is to calculate one model instead of n models, this method can be formulated as follows:
I can only point out to you that the way in which GDP is calculated is somewhat imprecise science," new CII President Naushad Forbes told reporters here.
The second is a shift from numerically precise model of belief to an imprecise model represented by a set of probability functions.
In a document released Sunday, the commission said the response by the office to its report has been "insufficient and imprecise."
Meanwhile, the traffic controllers' union, SANCTA, said in a statement that it was protesting against "imprecise" offers from state employers regarding work conditions and retirement plans.
"The imprecise coverage and biased interpretation of Younesi's statements have taken place with the purpose of downplaying the great victories of the Iraqi people," Afkham said.
An admitted lapse in the quarantine, combined with a curiously imprecise explanation, unleashed a furious response.
Without an iOS-compatible gamepad, BioShock becomes a real chore too, with the tactical gunplay ill-suited to imprecise touchscreen controls.
Feelings of superiority and gawking are both staples of unscripted TV, and Bravo has successfully wedded them in "Extreme Guide to Parenting." Basically, the series brings the voyeurism of "Hoarders" to the more relatable if imprecise art of raising children, introducing families whose good intentions place them on the fringes of what even the most diligent parents might consider normal.
Obama puts human rights on the back-burner to foster strongman stability President Barack Obama is sometimes described as a foreign-policy "realist." It's an abstract, imprecise label, but when it is laid on Obama, it is intended to describe his cold-eyed emphasis on core American interests, rather than, say, on the promotion of rights or democratic politics abroad.
Green campaigners have organised global protests against similar crops over concerns that genetic engineering can be imprecise and unpredictable.
India, which has traditionally handled its tourism sector with imprecise strategies, has done the right thing in deciding to include UAE in the list.