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The second is a shift from numerically precise model of belief to an imprecise model represented by a set of probability functions.
Afkham said the imprecise and biased interpretations made of the remarks of the Iranian presidential adviser are only aimed at promoting Iranophobia to stir a rift among the regional countries at a time when the Iraqi army and popular forces have made a chain of victories in their combat against ISIL.
On the other hand, in such procedures the authority is not obliged to seek explanations from tenderers whose bids are imprecise or do not meet the tender specifications, because once submitted, tenders can no longer be changed by either the contracting authority or the bidder.
Even more imprecise is measuring the success of the written word, whether it be in a proper printed organ or online.
The more top-tier regulatory commands strive for predictive capability, the more imprecise the management of micro-cap commercial activity, due to transactional transference to economic externalities.
Add that the reports of Gnostic thought by "orthodox" early Christian writers such as Irenaeus differ from what one learns from these texts, and she concludes that the term Gnosticism is so imprecise as to be useless.
He gives 7 April as the date for the Annunciation (25 March) (105), without explaining that the Orthodox calendar is fourteen days behind the western calendar, and provides imprecise names for the sacraments and a faulty explanation of the Eucharist (158-59).
Such a system is too imprecise to separate modestly paid salesmen from such upper professionals as doctors, lawyers, accountants and advertisers.
The model of the Gericke House, on the other hand, reveals a masterpiece which I had not appreciated from the imprecise sketches published in the books.
Not long after the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999, I got into an argument with a friend about "globalization," that vast, imprecise abstraction that has become one of
Hardware and software are configured in such a way that negative factors such as sand, dust, jarring, lighting conditions or imprecise positioning can be automatically detected.
Still, due to the small number of cases in each cancer group, the authors are careful to acknowledge that their estimates are imprecise.
Furthermore, the system of monitoring and measuring the quality of care is inconsistent and imprecise.
The link to the auction block was too obvious and a shoe auction as a metaphor for economic life dependent on African sweat too imprecise.
In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to rely on imprecise and outdated data when it set many of those serving sizes.