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concerned with theoretical possibilities rather than actual use

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In his speech, Rouhani hinted that he appreciates the impracticality of such schemes.
In a fashion world that often goes overboard in trying to come up with "innovative" designs that spiral out of control, into the world of impracticality, the work of Lebanese designers has dazzled the entire world with its simplicity, elegance and taste.
Many older children wanted to eat strawberries for lunch, but did not do so because of their impracticality.
On holiday breaks, fellow train riders would be stupefied by the impracticality of my major, asking bluntly how I planned to pay the rent.
For those at architecture schools in the late '70s (such as your correspondent), the duelling High-Tech gurus of Rogers and Foster supplied the architectural soundtrack to our student lives as we wrestled to put the guts on the outside of the building, regardless of the wilful impracticality of it all.
It sounds as if you also wanted this baby despite any impracticality.
But there are other reasons, such as the impracticality of operating these vehicles off-road and in urban areas.
Over many months the manufacturing department complains about the impracticality of the designs and angrily returns them to the engineers, who in turn saw the manufacturing department as being uncreative and inflexible.
Second, definitive assessment of genetic similarity relationships is challenging because of the limited accuracy and resolving power of conventional methods such as pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) analysis (2) and the impracticality and expense of better performing technologies.
On direct flights, Australian airports will insist airports deliver duty free purchases to departure gates in sealed bags, a system trialled in Europe, but blocked over impracticality and costs.
Although many Republicans raised concerns about the costs and impracticality of the measure, H.
Three main requirements must apply for a banned substance to be exempted in an application: technical or scientific impracticality of the removal or substitution of the hazardous substance through a change in design; negative environmental, health, and/or consumer safety impacts caused by substitution, which outweigh benefits of hazardous substance removal; and it feasible substitutes currently do not exist for industrial and/or commercial scale production.
Ironically, the impracticality of a military response to Iran's obstinacy could make it easier for the U.
To eliminate the risk and impracticality of exposing valuable PC's and players at the site of the plasma screen or KVM workstation, our customers can now connect them 300m/1000ft away - keeping their PC's and players in a secure, environmentally controlled operations room.
Technical Advice Memorandum 200437030 discusses the question of administrable impracticality in an evaluation of how gift certificates should be treated.