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Synonyms for impractical

Synonyms for impractical

not capable of happening or being done

incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

Synonyms for impractical

not practical


not practical or realizable

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ACA is deeply concerned that in requiring immersed vessel areas that are not niche areas to maintain their surfaces at "Rank 1" or below, the concept of a "clean ship" is reintroduced in the draft California rule which was deemed impractical in discussions at IMO.
Its representative, Cllr Ian Jobling, said: "Police dog handlers always carry waste bags for their animals and unless involved in a situation that would make it impractical to clean up after their dog, they are subject to the same laws as the general public.
"impractical" meant, but high-speed lanes were likely to be included.
So when schools did badly, politicians said, "We understand." He adds that Rothstein unfairly suggests it is "impractical" to ask every child to be proficient in math and reading by any date.
Presented in a question-and-answer format, Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide covers topics ranging from "Can squirrels see color?" to "Why do squirrels commit infanticide?", "Do squirrels make good pets?" and "What do squirrels have to do with the Cinderella story?" (Cinderella's famous slipper was originally a comfortable squirrel slipper; it became an impractical glass slipper due to a mistranslation!) Black-and-white photographs and a handful of color plates illustrate this fascinating book sure to entertain readers of all ages and backgrounds.
The idea, previously dismissed as impractical, too expensive, and lethal to the region's economy, is now gaining widespread support.
is an easy reader picturebook showing different animals in a variety of impractical yet humorous situations.
I was reminded by more than one member of our August group that nothing is immutable, that treatments continually change, and that any attempt to apply strict EBM criteria to every article we reviewed for the purpose of compiling this supplement would be nearly impossible and certainly impractical. In fact, in many instances, evidence is entirely lacking.
Since restraining growth was impractical, the firm considered many different buildings before choosing 8 Greenwich Office Park.
Airlines have warned that 100% screening of belly cargo is impractical and would slow operations greatly.
III persons should remain home when they first became symptomatic, but forced isolation and quarantine are ineffective and impractical. If the pandemic is severe, social distancing measures such as school closures should be considered.
However, for accounting firms offering client payroll services, going paperless is a concept that may seem impractical or unattainable.
The rule implements Sections 721 and 841 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004, and enables the award of contracts for specialized services that would be impractical for DoD to obtain by other means.
#YOU are entitled to sue but that is impractical. Contact the liquidator and ask to be put on the list of creditors.
Such expansion increases distance between places of interest, makes walking and biking impractical, and increases reliance on automobiles for transportation.