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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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The intended use of surface waters includes construction of dikes damming with permanent transfer and impoundment and retention of surface water in the trough ditch K-10.
Closure of surface impoundments and landfills that fail to meet engineering and structural standards and will no longer receive coal ash;
15 million fine, the largest against an oil and gas operator in the state's shale drilling era, close five impoundments and upgrade two other impoundments to meet heightened "next generation" standards currently under development at DEP.
Impoundment occurs when the President delays or refuses to spend money appropriated by Congress.
And in the latest impoundments, fishing is getting more than a passing nod.
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Overall the sinking of the canal cross profiles seems to be determined by the subsurface ground discharge from burrows and by accumulation of mineral and organic sediments in beaver impoundments (Butler, 1995; Butler & Malanson, 2005; Lamsodis & Poskus, 2006).
The specific objective of this study was to describe the nature and intensity of tree selection at both active and abandoned impoundments.
After a period of time, these impoundments may have great ecological value, both in terms of wetlands and as habitat for wildlife," he said.
The Buffalo Creek impoundment failure of 1972 was a horrible tragedy," Richard Stickler, assistant secretary of labor for the Mine Safety and Health Administration, said in an e-mail.
More than 150 of these sludge impoundments, also called slurry ponds, dot the mountains of West Virginia.
Many, many camp properties have water impoundments ("dams") which are a focal point of their programs.
The Big Sandy's watershed is riddled with coal slurry impoundments.
source reduction include open marsh water management, in which mosquito-producing areas on the marsh are connected by shallow ditches to deep water habitats to allow drainage or fish access; and rotational impoundment management, in which the marsh is minimally flooded during summer but is flap-gated to reintegrate impoundments to the estuary for the rest of the year.