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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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Frequently, property owners who view their property as "lake" frontage rather than river frontage fear that the value of their property will decline with the loss of the dam and its associated impoundment (Born et al., 1998).
Two transects were established at the active impoundment, the downstream site, and at one of the abandoned impoundments.
If the impoundment above Marsh Fork Elementary were to fail, according to a report by Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspector Jim Elkins, the more than 200 elementary students and other local residents would be in grave danger.
The tidal impoundment area would be off the Conwy coast by Kinmel Bay in Conwy and the adjoining Denbighshire seaside town of Rhyl.
As Spadaro later told The Washington Monthly, from the initial months of the investigation, he had felt that his superiors at MSHA were covering up "the fact that Massey had known for the past six years that there was a potential for the breakthrough in the impoundment." The slurry spill and the controversy surrounding Spadaro's aborted investigation has sparked several media probes, most prominently by Salon and "60 Minutes." But a further investigation by The Washington Monthly sheds new light on several aspects of the case, revealing Massey Energy's financial ties to the Bush administration, the efforts of MSHA officials to quash a media inquiry into the case, and the extent of the retaliation against Spadaro.
Habitat Type 1979-80 1984-85 % 1987-88 % 1991-92 % Forest Parkland 428.8 331.8 -22.6 235.3 -29.0 235.3 0 Scrub/Shrub 484.6 29.3 -93.9 25.2 -14.0 25.2 0 Riparian Woodland 1633.8 614.3 -62.4 57.2 -90.7 57.2 0 Old-field (1) 735.5 660.4 -10.2 435.4 -34.0 435.4 0 (1) Includes area of crop, pasture and old-field habitats pre- impoundment. Table 2.
For the B3/B4 dams (at Macacos), the impoundment project - which will be 30 meters high and 190 meters long - is expected to be complete by December this year.
Major Hamdan Al Badawi, acting director of traffic and patrols at the Central Region Police Department of Sharjah Police, said, "A small tracking device service will be installed inside the impounded car so that it alerts the police if the car has moved while serving the impoundment period."
The bill would also require bonding of coal ash impoundment owners in the case of disaster.
By properly managing water levels in your impoundment and planting productive seed blends, you'll be on track for a fantastic hunting season, but making mistakes during your spring drawdown and planting routine will cost time, money, and effort and can spoil your dreams of building a duck paradise.
Where the Massachusetts Attorney General has brought suit against a defendant corporation and a related company, as well as 17 former or current officers and directors, over their promotion and sale of OxyContin and other opioids in Massachusetts, a motion to terminate the impoundment of the complaint should be allowed with the exception of a single paragraph in the unredacted complaint (paragraph 370) that contains private medical information which the commonwealth agrees should not be publicly disclosed.
Jon Shenker, turned a pedestrian mosquito control impoundment on the North Indian River Lagoon back into a productive nursery for snook and tarpon.
The fines, black points and impoundment are determined by the traffic authorities concerned.-Supplied photo