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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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'Currently, CVO uses only one impounding vehicle but additional three vehicles are coming, hence, more stray dogs are expected to be caught,' the ARRF said in a Facebook post.
Errant motorists can now get away without impounding their vehicles by having a smart booking device installed on their cars after paying the relevant fines specified by the traffic laws and Dh15 for each day of the impounding period.
Nine small water impounding projects (SWIPs), which can irrigate 500 hectares of rice fields in nine villages, have saved the day for rice farmers who are struggling to overcome the impact of imported rice due to the rice tariffication law (Republic Act No.
Abu Dhabi: Police in the capital annnounced on Wednesay that they would activate the smart vehicle impounding system service in June.
However, City Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Syed Jamshaid Shah denied police's involvement in impounding of passenger buses.
The device, with a battery that can last up to six months, is connected to the Traffic Department with a tracking system which records any movement of the vehicle during the impounding. Captain Riyadh Ahmed, head of Traffic Awareness Section, pointed out that the new "smart impounding" will work through sending an SMS to the violators to report with the vehicle in question to the department concerned.
This was revealed by CCTO Traffic Operations Division Chief Joy Tumulak, who added that some of the impounded vehicles have been in the city impounding area for up to four years.
Meanwhile Mandra Thana police arrested one Amir Mahmood, impounding such banned fireworks as 100 flying bombs, and 08 'exploding crackers' from him, while also filing a charge against him.
Over 1,500 abandoned cars are sitting impounded ay Bani Yas Impounding Yard, which has seen Abu Dhabi Municipality call for the cases to be settled urgently.
Coleraine had the best record of returning pets to owners without impounding them, whereas Cookstown impounded all stray dogs.
He isn't shy about letting his staff know it's in their best interest to keep impounding cars and other valuables.
City Ordinance No.1457 mandates an impounding fee of P250 on the first day and an addition of P50 for the succeeding days for each dog.
The father and his son pushed the policemen and orally threatened them in an attempt to dissuade them from impounding the vehicle.
After several illegal towing companies were apprehended on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Metro Manila mayors have agreed to impose stricter guidelines on towing and impounding operations.