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placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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a private security guard contracted by the Dubai Municipality to watch over the municipality's impounding area, allegedly asked for Dh6,000 in exchange for allowing H.
The Los Angeles Police Department has been impounding about 3,100 cars a month, making a measurable impact on public safety.
The law is applicable to all vehicles, including trailers and boats, which are all subject to removal to the vehicle impounding area at Al Wathba.
Arrayah There are thousands of impounded vehicles of different brands and sizes at the Investigation and Vehicle Impounding Section (IVIS) at Traffic Department, local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
Muscat, May 1 (ONA) The low air pressure continues influencing the Northern part of the Sultanate, resulted in varying showers of raincausing the overflow of Wadis and dams impounding more water.
Meanwhile Mandra Thana police arrested one Amir Mahmood, impounding such banned fireworks as 100 flying bombs, and 08 'exploding crackers' from him, while also filing a charge against him.
Over 1,500 abandoned cars are sitting impounded ay Bani Yas Impounding Yard, which has seen Abu Dhabi Municipality call for the cases to be settled urgently.
Coleraine had the best record of returning pets to owners without impounding them, whereas Cookstown impounded all stray dogs.
The company also has a storage facility for auto impounding until redeemed, sold or auction.
Al Zafein noted that some people come to pay fines without knowing their road offence is punishable by impounding of the vehicle.
Immigrant-rights activists have long criticized the department for impounding cars for 30 days and then charging about $1,200 to retrieve them.
On Monday harbour staff began removing the wrecks and impounding the seaworthy boats.
The dams, which include Yagisawa Dam in Minakami, Gunma Prefecture, are impounding a total 178.