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Synonyms for impound

Synonyms for impound

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

place or shut up in a pound

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Before ruling the auction, a pastoralist identified as Steven Safari owning 104 cows impounded in the premises filed a court case requesting to stop the auctioning of his herd.
He claimed that some unidentified persons put on fire bushes near the impounded vehicles which engulfed the whole area, burnt down vehicles and motorcycles in parking lot.
When the car is impounded, technicians will come to the premises or parking area of the vehicle and install a small device on the car.
The police impounded the truck with six oxen, confiscated the recovered arms, looted cash and after registering a case against the nabbed culprits have started an investigation.
According to the DMV records, Hinshaw's car "should not be treated as a stolen vehicle" and no further action should be taken based only on the impounded notice.
He informed that E&T under its general hold up launched last week against token tax defaulters, improper number plates and unregistered vehicles impounded 110 vehicles while 722 were challaned in Rawalpindi division.
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has impounded several more valuable assets believed to be derived from the misappropriation of funds allocated for the recent 14th General Election (GE14) following the arrest of 17 officers and security guards of the Prime Minister's Department yesterday.
'We welcome this suggestion from our mayors because we really need more space to accommodate [the] increasing number of impounded vehicles,' he said.
Police authorities here have impounded more than 200 motorbikes with spurious documents in a campaign dubbed as "Oplan Lambat Bitag" in this municipality.
Details of the charge are unclear, however, because DuPage Judge George Bakalis ordered the case be impounded, which means it is sealed to the public.
A freedom of information request to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) revealed that 93 untaxed vehicles were clamped or impounded in Hartlepool by the council in 2016.
The system also provides reports and statistics on impounded vehicles, and clarifies the condition of the vehicle and the number of times that it has been impounded.
Iran has impounded tens of thousands of cars since March because women inside the vehicles had not properly covered their hair, Tehran's traffic police said.
Summary: Palestinian national Salah Zeineddine mistakenly set himself on fire Monday, outraged after Internal Security Forces at a checkpoint asked him to pay outstanding fines or have his car impounded.