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Synonyms for impound

Synonyms for impound

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

place or shut up in a pound

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Eweoba while fielding questions from newsmen narrated that Customs operatives impounded six trucks of tomato and pepper on Sunday night, at Ijoun, in Yewa North Local Government Area of the state.
Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office Chief Secretary Chung Chieh-pu said that there are currently 6,926 oBikes in the impound lots, reported CNA.
Your car can be impounded for a number of reasons , from illegal parking, speeding, noisy engine modifications, window tints that are too dark or carrying passengers illegally.
Even though the trooper testified that he knew the phone number for the impound lot and he could have called there to find out if the car had been released, "He said I just didn't bother doing it," Greenman told the panel.
He then made his way to the car and drenched it with gasoline threatening to set it on fire if the ISF were to impound it.
motorists' vehicles to be stored at home rather than at an impound yard where
Colonel Khalid Al Razooqi, head of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Police, said: "Motorists will have this option, rather than have their car impounded in our detention centre.
There is currently no provision in the existing laws, which empower the departments concerned to impound such vehicles.
Dubai Dubai police have impounded the car of a young Emirati for driving over 170 km with five girls between 6 and 14 years hanging precariously out of the rolled down windows.
One driver in Bathgate, West Lothian, had to head home in the rain on foot last week after cops impounded his vehicle for repeated careless driving.
A crackdown on nuisance stray horses is working, according to councillors and police, with more than 50 horses impounded since September.
According to the Detroit Free Press, Wayne County's 153 prosecutors are slated to divvy up $500,000 in raises that have been funded by the fines alleged Johns pay to get their cars out of impound.
Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has said that officials of the corps may impound any vehicle if an erring traffic offender is arrested and unable to produce his or her driver's licence or vehicle papers at the point of arrest.
RAWALPINDI -- Excise and Taxation Rawalpindi has decided to impound those vehicle whose owners had not yet paid token tax.