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in a helpless manner

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Pom-poms are funny, but they're also sad--abject things shaken from the sidelines or impotently tethered to caps.
However, we, as residents, and the elected councillors and MPs who represent us, must not sit impotently by while this system which is token, broken and unfit for purpose continues to fail us and which allows Birmingham assets built up over the centuries to be frittered away.
The threat posed by the regulatory agencies would thus be reduced to the level of an "insurable hazard," with much of the coercive, intimidating force previously available to the agencies impotently dissipated.
In Syria, the EU watched impotently as a revolt against the tyrannical government turned into a proxy struggle among regional powers and religious factions and gave rise to the barbarism of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
So creditor countries, led by Germany, have sought to do the minimum necessary to keep the euro alive, while debtors have grumbled impotently about Germany's insistence on fiscal austerity.
Residents are now venting, sincerely, if impotently, their genuine frustration and disgust with the Dyster and DeSantis Jayne Park plan on the Cayuga Island Facebook page about the work now going on there:
When a resident mentioned the ominous strangers to former Police Chief Elias Hobbs, Hobbs blew him off as being "too suspicious." Hobbs, unarmed, had wound up impotently screaming at people to throw rocks at the robbers as the gun battle went down in the street.
Notable was the game of musical chairs played at the Department of Energy as an ever-changing gallery presided impotently over both the highest electricity tariffs in the region and the most prohibitive fuel increases in history.
In 1999, the rst time Pinehurst hosted the US Open, Big Phil fell to the unfancied Payne Stewart, losing his lead with two holes to play and watching impotently as Stewart nished birdie-par to take the crown.
A lone media house "Geo" has been able to single out entire nation and most impotently challenging the writ of the government by bluntly demonizing most vital pillar of state structure.
I sat by impotently and watched the miracle take place--they and nature had it covered.
The president raised taxes in the January 2013 fiscal cliff deal, and is trying impotently to raise them more.
The chief function of Headey, Cersei in Game of Thrones, is to provide a voiceover while Santoro gazes, impotently, in his finest gold lame posing pouch and bondage bling.
In the 1930s, British and American leaders watched impotently as Germany prepared to plunge the world into darkness.
The sad irony now is that it is the courts being asked to the rescue the VRA while Congress, the rightful enforcer of the law, stands impotently on the sidelines.