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. For impotency: Take half spoon of peepal fruit powder thrice a day with milk .
In Vatsayana's (His real name was Malinga, Vatsayana was his gotra) book Kamasutra (First documented book in the world to deal with sex) touched some aspects of Napumsaka or impotency. Man from ancient times is always eager to improve his sexuality by various means, such as, by massaging his genital organ with various oils, fruit juices or butter, by eating various things like testes of animals, tiger bone powder or rhinoceros's horn etc.
Part II begins with Matteo Duni examining how impotency in the Renaissance could be explained by many widespread causes depending on circumstances.
This volume focuses on love and marriage in terms of confidentiality, domination, and the absurd; suspicion; joint interviews and quarrels; encouraging relapses and giving directives; sex, fun, and impotency; and metaphors, shocking experiences, changing views and alternating or changing interview techniques.
The impotency poem tradition begins with the development of Latin elegy in the first century BCE to address issues of social and political complexity.
Swept under the carpet from the day we were born, Taught to excel at failure and spend our life on loan, Living in a hostel sleeping like a bone, Buckled by the democratic impotency of beer, tabs and a moan.
The impotency drug causes too-rigid heart chamber walls to become more elastic.
Dr Marina Moskha, who works with the IMSH said that there were two classic types of women when dealing with the impotency of their partners.
Male smokers suffer double the rate of impotency of non- smokers.
Ambassador Susan Rice, who said some of Gaddafi's troops had been issued with the impotency drug Viagra.
Other ailments treated included alopecia, tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, typhoid, piles, helminthiasis, reproductive disorders (impotency), urinary tract disorders (e.g.
But after losing three wickets in 63 balls, Australia underlined the impotency which has plagued England for the last year with Michael Clarke and Marcus North forging a 143-run stand which was only broken after a two-hour break for afternoon showers.
As well as the symptoms of his original health problems he now has the added stress, embarrassment and possible humiliation that impotency can bring.
I can remove black magic, bad luck and witchcraft, impotency from your life.