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Synonyms for imposture

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Synonyms for imposture

pretending to be another person

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There we have two specimens of these Neapolitans--two of the silliest possible frauds, which half the population religiously and faithfully believed, and the other half either believed also or else said nothing about, and thus lent themselves to the support of the imposture. I am very well satisfied to think the whole population believed in those poor, cheap miracles--a people who want two cents every time they bow to you, and who abuse a woman, are capable of it, I think.
Where imposture, ignorance, and brutal cupidity, are the stock in trade of a small body of men, and one is described by these characteristics, all his fellows will recognise something belonging to themselves, and each will have a misgiving that the portrait is his own.
18th Brumaire; was not that an imposture? It was a swindle, and not at all like the conduct of a great man!"
We can only hope to protect ourselves against impostors interested in gaining a position among persons of our rank by becoming in some sort (unpleasant as it may be) familiar with the arts by which imposture too frequently succeeds.
*This relates to a book published some years ago in Germany, and said to be by Herschel, which contained a description of the moon and its inhabitants, written with such a semblance of truth that many were deceived by the imposture.
For the most part their enthusiasm is adopted to suit the time and opportunity-- to practise imposture upon the British and Austrian millionaires.
But I am strongly inclined to believe not only the corpse was refused Christian burial, but that the heart which was brought to Vancouver some time after the event, and which the Hawiians stoutly maintained was that of Captain Cook, was no such thing; and that the whole affair was a piece of imposture which was sought to be palmed off upon the credulous Englishman.
C'est pourquoi il faut arreter d'imputer toutes les miseres et impostures imposees par le regime au FLN.
George Washington had cautioned in his famous quote 'Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism'
Only when he feels endangered does he confront his evasions, his impostures. He ignores the persecution of the Jews and does nothing to stop the violence.
In chapter 2, for example, the author examines a number of "high-level impostures," in which the perpetrators claimed to have been sent on a special mission, either by a prince or the emperor himself.
La prAaAaAeA@sence des sAaAaAeA@cessionnistes et de leurs protecteurs, en pert vitesse, ne devrait en aucun cas, reprAaAaAeA@senter le moindre tabou ni moindre entrave pour aller affronter leurs impostures lAaAaAeA oAaAaAeA ils tentera d'y verser leur sordide cyanure.
The impostures demanded by life in Iran's post-1979 Islamic Republic now form a discrete topic in themselves, one addressed by British-Iranian journalist Ramita Navai in her 2014 book, City of Lies.
Second, it must capture the aesthetic mechanisms of control by means of which crossings from one realm to the other may not come across as vulgar impostures.