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Synonyms for impost

a compulsory contribution, usually of money, that is required for the support of a government

something carried physically

Synonyms for impost

money collected under a tariff

the lowest stone in an arch -- from which it springs


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The new Congress used that document's grant of taxing powers to pass something akin to the impost that Morris had tried and failed to get earlier in the decade.
The dispute over how to collect the continental impost ultimately
6) The impost from the main portal, showing in two episodes the rector hearing complaints in court [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED], has been reinstalled on the staircase in the inner courtyard, together with the console showing Iustitia seated above two lions and holding a fragmentary scroll with the text, which was recorded in full by De Diversis [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
340: there is some evidence for the architectural use of stone in the 2nd millennium in the unique orthostat and the carved impost blocks from Tell al-Rimah (Oates 1966; 1967).
Every individual impost and assessment is greatly increased, in order to obtain a higher tax revenue.
They pointed out to the Karnataka State Government officials and the Minister of State for Commerce that the neighboring States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are levying only six to seven percent tax while the Karnataka Government impost is as high as 14.
This LNP Government understands that is a huge impost on families trying to get into a new home and we have reinstated the concession to make it more affordable to buy a family home.
Aidan O'Brien wasn't going to be kept off the scoresheet as he and son Joseph landed the 1m2f handicap with top-weight Great Explorer who was sent off at odds of 5-6 despite his impost.
Instead, Federalists quickly reverted to the position they had taken during the impost controversy, overwhelmingly supporting the creation of federal offices.
This time round, notwithstanding the immediate sharp rally, the climb to US$145 will be relatively steady, providing ample opportunity for business and consumers alike to plan for, and find ways round, the higher oil impost.
Cardiff's failure to pay the balance on the Hudson deal is one of the factors which has seen the Football League impost an transfer embargo on the club this summer.
For a relatively minor procedure it was a severe impost on him (Phillips)," Dr Jamieson said referring to the Brisbane operation.
Exemption from export taxes, wharfage dues, impost and fees
He said that restriction has been impost for holding Prime Minister or Chief Minister offices under the Election Order, which could be lifted with simple majority.
To ensure an equal footing for the new state of Oregon, the Admission Act required that "all navigable waters of said state shall be common highways and forever free, as well as to the inhabitants of said state as to all other citizens of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost or toll therefore.