impossible action

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an alternative that is not available

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Cruise performed many of his own stunts, including clinging to the side of a plane as it takes off in his return to the role as Ethan Hunt for his fifth instalment of the Mission: Impossible action series.
The film kicks off with a sub-Mission: Impossible action routine aimed at showing off just how super-cool this pair of wisecracking super-agents are.
He responded to talk of a military strike by saying: "Such impudence and audacity to have an aggression against our national interest and integrity is an impossible action." In Jerusalem, the Israeli parliament foreign affairs and defence commission chairman Tsahi Hanegbi said yesterday that Western diplomatic efforts to halt Iran's nuclear programme had "failed".
The Mission: Impossible action hero now wants to make a romantic movie.
Narration dominates, dialogue scenes are usually fleeting and impossible action sequences are inadequately realized.