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Synonyms for impossible

Synonyms for impossible

not capable of happening or being done

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for impossible

something that cannot be done

not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with

totally unlikely

used of persons or their behavior

References in classic literature ?
"I wish I were a woman so as to tell you how preposterously insane and impossible it is," he blurted out.
"I have told you," he began stiffly, "that recruiting on Malaita is impossible for a woman, and that is all I care to say--or dare."
3 ($3,000).-- That is it impossible to load the Columbiad, and that the pyroxyle will take fire spontaneously under the pressure of the projectile.
Jones grew more and more positive that they were out of their road; and the boy himself at last acknowledged he believed they were not in the right road to Coventry; though he affirmed, at the same time, it was impossible they should have mist the way.
The fast-food chain ( will offer Beyond Meat plant-based chicken at one KFC location in Smyrna, Georgia, this week, as it seeks to emulate the success of Burger King's meatless Impossible Whopper.  
ENPNewswire-August 6, 2019--The craveable, flame-grilled, plant-based Impossible WHOPPER will be availableat over 7,000 BK locations for a limited time only
The staff at world-renowned children's hospital Great Ormond Street know this better PICK OF THE DAY THE CONJOINED TWINS: AN IMPOSSIBLE DECISION BBC2, 9pm than most.
After months of shortages, Impossible Foods is partnering with a veteran food production company to ramp up supplies of its popular plant-based burgers.
Restaurant Brands International Inc (NYSE:QSR)'s Burger King chain announced Thursday its plant-based Impossible Whopper will be made available nationwide.
The Impossible Burger, so far only available at restaurants, could finally be making its way to U.S.
Beyond Meat rival, Impossible Foods received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for use of "a key ingredient as a color additive, clearing the way for new uses in future plant-based foods.
Manila Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso on Saturday said that although it was 'seemingly impossible' to sustain cleanliness in Manila, he can make it possible.
Antonino is a young artist who dreams of painting a masterpiece, an impossible dream he calls Friend.
Summary: Leeds [UK], May 1 (ANI): Lionel Messi is impossible to stop using a single player, said former player Boudewijn Zenden.
We recently found out that Mission: Impossible - Fallout would be getting two sequels, but now we know exactly when they are coming.