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in an impressive manner


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While the pricing is still very competitive, the Rexton is now a good looking, imposingly proportioned vehicle
The GPO used to be a central place, and stood imposingly, all alone.
For an imposingly large festival, they sure do try to make it easy.
Jason remembers looking after double Derby winner Patricias Hope in his final years; he even has the roll of honour boards that imposingly greeted all visitors to the main building of the kennel complex.
At Greymare Hills stand the remains of two rocket-firing stands, massive, ornate, imposingly ugly structures that fit like the devil's mark into the fold of hills.
Not imposingly long, it requires you to thread an accurate tee shot along the right of a left-to-right dog leg, opening up a second shot to a sloping green guarded well by an attractive lake.
Sights that are not to be missed include the iconic Blue Mosque, towering imposingly over the city, with its glorious minarets and domes.
Furthermore, since the end of the 19th century, when this photo was taken, a new structure has become visible: a recently-built bridge stands imposingly behind the eroding water mills.
The sand stretches as far as the eye can see, cliffs rising imposingly behind and to the sides.
In Humphrey Davies' sparely poetic translation, Gate of the Sun is an imposingly rich and realistic novel, a genuine masterwork."
Of course, bigger hurdles like tuition, child care, transportation and housing can stand more imposingly in the way of getting a degree.
The rental, a sod-roofed and art-filled residence, imposingly scaled yet discreetly tucked into a bluff with panoramic ocean and coastline views, was conceived and executed for the low-key but high-profile and--to be characteristically crass--clearly very rich Realtor by designer Scott Mitchell, and justifiably fawned over last year in Architectural Digest.
The city's impenetrable air became apparent as imperial buildings loomed imposingly when we took a river cruise along the Neva.
But as embodied by the imposingly tall and charismatic Gunn, Miller appears ready to stand her ground.
Though the crowd of characters and the criss-crossing enmity is initially difficult to pin down, the plot finally converges on three main characters, the coal mafioso (Vinod Khanna) his blindly devoted henchman (played by an imposingly structured impassive hulk Vipinno) and the district collector (Suniel Shetty).