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The boad also informed the committee that although the tyre was an essential item but it was being produced locally, so imposing RD would promote local production.
Imposing a cost on someone involves more than simply bringing it about that he bears a cost:
Head of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the US measures for imposing sanctions against Iran signal imposing embargo against its own companies.
Resting gently above the ground on 10 precast pad foundations, imposing little or no change to the water table or to the site's beautifully rich habitat, the more time spent considering the nature of this place reveals that the architect's principal moment of genius was when he first chose his site, long before a single element was put in place.
Councilman Tom LaBonge said he believes more research is needed before imposing a trash-pickup fee - even one phased in over 10 years.
The Department of Trade and Industry said research had shown that imposing an interest-rate ceiling had a negative effect on low-income borrowers.
As to the possibility of imposing some form of restriction on the flow of ferrous scrap out of the United States, Bodner noted, "history shows that it could exacerbate the problem.
Unfortunately, the base company rules defeat the point of that planning by imposing current U.
In other words, Congress knew exactly what it was doing when it acted to rein in what it regarded as the abuse of judicial power in imposing sentences.
In rejecting the ITC findings, Bush found that imposing tariffs under the safeguard would "likely have a negative effect on the thousands of small, family-owned dry-cleaning businesses across the U.
The political contingencies of various societies, born often of power, not reason, distort such universality by imposing arbitrary impediments.
To achieve a favorable impact, departments must apply discipline in a fair and reasonable manner by imposing discipline similar to what they applied previously for the same misconduct.
would be justified in imposing comprehensive economic sanctions on a country.
American cooperation with the OECD, which operates under the umbrella of the Financial Action Task Force ("FATF"), has extended to American bank regulators, who are eagerly imposing new guidelines on American banks in direct opposition to the wishes of the majority in Congress.