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Synonyms for impose

impose on someone


impose something on or upon someone: inflict

Synonyms for impose

to establish and apply as compulsory

to set forth expressly and authoritatively

to cause to undergo or bear (something unwelcome or damaging, for example)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to take advantage of unfairly

Synonyms for impose

compel to behave in a certain way


impose and collect

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The other Asean states impose no such business taxes.
It is pertinent to mention here that for the last few days social activist Neelam Ibrar Chattan and other local organizations were demanding from the district and provincial government that they should impose ban on Toy weapons which "promotes gun oriented culture in the society" as well as dangerous trends among the teenagers.
(I) for any persons, x and y, y imposes a cost on x if and only if
"In practice, the US Congress imposes sanctions against American companies with such measures and an opinion poll from US corporations shows that they are dissatisfied with these measures and object the US administration on the issue," he said.
A policy that imposes a slight cost on the majority of citizens while delivering concentrated benefits to a small minority will rouse little opposition because the nuisance is too small to warrant strong opposition.
SB 1265, Laws 2005, imposes a 75% penalty for the failure to report listed transactions and a 50% penalty for the promotion of abusive tax shelters and also extends the statute of limitation (SOL) in several situations (including increasing the SOL from three to six years for failure to disclose a listed transaction) and provides that a deficiency assessment may be mailed to the taxpayer at any time if the deficiency is due to fraud or intentional evasion of the corporation tax law or its regulations.
Indonesia imposes anti dumping import duties on calcium carbide from China and Malaysia respectively 24% and 4%.
Some are predicting that the continued relevance of Section 37 of the statute, which imposes heavy reporting requirements on regulated companies that are the target of lawsuits, will be on the table.
Sarbanes-Oxley also creates protections for whistleblowers at publicly traded companies and imposes new criminal penalties relating to fraud, conspiracy, and impeding investigations.
Specifically, Regulation 105, issued prior to NAFTA under the authority of section 153 of the Income Tax Act (hereinafter "the Act"), imposes withholding tax on fees paid to non-residents for services rendered and stands as a barrier to the full promise of NAFTA, both in the form of taxes and burdensome compliance costs.
To charge that globalization is imperialistic is like claiming that liberating slaves imposes a particular lifestyle on the former slaves.
Regardless of the makeup of its adjudication process, every department adheres essentially to the same method--it compares the act of employee misconduct to prohibited behavior outlined in the official code of conduct and imposes suitable discipline.
Moreover, the time period which elapses while the Security Council is waiting for compliance with its demands, imposes immense and prolonged suffering on the population of states under economic sanctions.
Under the amendments to the GLB Act, an ATM operator that imposes a fee on a consumer for an electronic fund transfer (EFT) service is required to provide notice of that fact in a prominent and conspicuous location on or at the ATM where the EFT is initiated.