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Synonyms for impose

impose on someone


impose something on or upon someone: inflict

Synonyms for impose

to establish and apply as compulsory

to set forth expressly and authoritatively

to cause to undergo or bear (something unwelcome or damaging, for example)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to take advantage of unfairly

Synonyms for impose

compel to behave in a certain way


impose and collect

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Madrid maintains that the conditions imposed on E.ON are "legal" with regard to European law, a spokesperson from the Industry Ministry told AFP on 19 January.
The Normans were also "northmen" conquerors, but of the Normandy to which they gave their name in northern France, and they had become French-speaking in their own Norman French dialect, which they imposed on their new conquest for a sufficiently long time so that Anglo-Saxon lost many of its learned words from disuse by the subjected, mostly peasant, population.
Bulgaria's Competition Protection Commission has imposed on its largest fines ever on German-owned power utility E.ON Bulgaria for abusing a dominant market position.
The decision taken by the European Commission on 26 September regarding the E.ON-Endesa case is consistent with what observers were predicting: it has decided that the decision of the Spanish energy regulator (Comision Nacional de Energia - CNE), subjecting the German E.ON Group's bid for Endesa to a number of conditions, breaches Article 21 of the EU Merger Regulation, since it was adopted and entered into force without prior communication to, and approval by, the Commission, and because the conditions imposed on E.ON are contrary to EC Treaty rules on free movement of capital and freedom of establishment (Articles 43 and 56).
The reasoning given by the Commission is that "most of the conditions imposed on E.ON by the Spanish Energy Regulator CNE in a decision adopted on 27 July (concerning E.ON's bid for Endesa) raise serious doubts as to their compatibility with EC law".